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This will be an ORANGE trading circle

This will be updated as the positions are filled and it is posted on other trade boards so first come first serve

  • Aluminum- Franziskaner
    Cattle- Alex the Great
    Iron- Boatsniper
    Lumber- YouKnowRoe
    Oil- Franziskaner
    Pigs- Boatsniper
    Spices- Anocamo
    Sugar- Anocamo
    Water- Alex the Great
    Wheat- YouKnowRoe


23% lower Infrastructure Upkeep Costs

36% Lower Initial Infrastructure Costs

19.5% More Citizens

16 bonus Happiness Points


$6/per soldier off initial purchase cost

25% higher soldier efficiency

$.50/per soldier off soldier upkeep

10% lower Tank upkeep

10 additional aircraft

16% lower aircraft purchase costs


20% lower Purchase costs for land

28% more land

Triple the resale value of land

and your population will remain happier longer with high density populations


  • The bonus Resources are: Beer | Construction | Asphalt | Fast Food
    The first reply I get that fills the needed resources will be in the circle
    If you don't have a Harbor, please PM me in game and we will work something out

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You are completely welcome to stay on the purple team until the circle is complete... I can send you a PM when you are needed to switch teams...

Right now it is orange because the trade circle is posted on 4 other orange team trade boards, so the majority will be orange... if that is not the case we can discuss team color...

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If you can find a Marble/lumber or Marble/Iron trade we can finish this trade circle up and you are definitely in...

I ran out of messages I could send today (sent the max 200 messages) and I'm just waiting on replies...

if not it'll most likely be another 48hrs still till I can get the right combo for the TC and get it started, do to the fact that I still have yet to find a marble trade and that trade will most likely get first priority over the other volunteers.

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Thank you everyone who has applied, I am still reviewing several of the requests to join, to try and find the right three to finish this trade set up, though there are enough other applicants that I will most likely try to set up two more trade circles and include everybody that didn't get into this one...

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