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Asgard Sign-up Thread


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As of last week, a new alliance is in town: Asgard, a group that is not restricted to any team; rather we will welcome any who wish to join us in our growth.

As an alliance, Asgard can offer you protection and stability, along with key nation building guides and assistance, foreign aid and, of course, the chance to meet great new friends and allies in the Cyberverse.

Our Charter:

I) Description

Asgard was founded with the intent to provide a stable and safe sanctuary for nations seeking allies and friends in CyberNations. The chief concern of the alliance is nation development and strength, with the aim being to produce the strongest, most efficient nation rulers around.

II) Guidelines

1. Asgard intelligence is classified and should never be revealed to other alliances.

2. No nation belonging to Asgard shall engage in a war with an alliance of more than ten members. If so, the situation will be reviewed and the nation in question may face expulsion from the alliance.

3. The orders of the authorities in the alliance are to be abided by and respected at all times by the lower ranks, within reason.

4. Active nations are expected to come to defence of Asgard should need be, and should participate in internal politics and aid operations.

III) Government

Asgard is led by three of the four original Founders, and these three authorities are known collectively as the Triumvirate. Individually they are referred to as Triumvirs and are the highest power within the alliance. This position of honour is a permanent place, and the three Triumvirs will remain in that position unless fate decrees they part from the alliance.

It is the duty of the Triumvirs to oversee the goings-on of the High Council and to lead in every aspect of the alliance. They are vital in the running of Asgard, and particularly in decisions for Asgard's future. They are given the right to veto in the High Council, so long as two out of three of the Triumvirs agree on the debate at hand.

Below the Triumvirs is an esteemed council of nobles, known as the High Council. Any member of the alliance can be nominated and elected to one of the seats in the Council, which deal with various areas of alliance stability.

1. The Warlord is the foremost of the High Councillors and is relied upon in times of war to guide Asgard to victory. In wartime, the Warlord holds rank equivalent to Triumvirs and should be answered to by any below, including the High Council. It is his duty to command the various clans and is the chief military advisor to the Triumvirate.

2. The Head of Internal Affairs is responsible for the general day-to-day inner workings of the alliance, and is key in making the newer members feel at home.

3. The Chief Ambassador is responsible for assigning diplomats to foreign alliances, and for making foreign diplomats feel welcome on our forums. Asgard relies largely upon him for good foreign relations.

4. The Financial Advisor keeps track of aid transmissions and nuclear purchases within the alliance, along with setting up effective aid chains.

5. The Head of Recruitment is responsible for recruiting new members to the alliances, by any means.

IV) Warfare

The Rogue Defence Specialists (RDS) are Asgard’s answer to rogue attacks upon the alliance. They are deployed by the Captain of the RDS immediately and will act without mercy on any rogue attempting to disrupt the alliance.

Rogue attacks will not be tolerated by the alliance, and Asgard will show little mercy when it comes to defending against them. Nor will the Triumvirate or the High Council permit a nation belonging to Asgard to raid other alliances. In this case, the situation will be examined and the nation may face expulsion.

However, the alliance has nothing against raiding unaligned nations, so long as they agree to peace when asked for it.

But in all cases, diplomacy always comes first.

In ancient Nordic mythology, the inhabitants of Asgard roamed the world, spreading their influence far and wide. It is Asgard's intent to do the same.

If you are interested in becoming part of this new, arising alliance, please visit our forums at <a href="http://s11.invisionfree.com/CN_Asgard" target="_blank">http://s11.invisionfree.com/CN_Asgard</a> and leave an application in the "Admissions" section.

Thank you,

Rodric, Founder and Triumvir of Asgard.

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I also neglected to mention the government positions currently available.

All of the High Council seats are currently vacant, due to the fact the alliance is only new. Furthermore, Captain of the Rogue Defence Specialists and wartime clan leaders are also available to new members of the alliance.

If you are looking for some work in governing an alliance, then Asgard is the place for you.

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