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Missing 0.5hp related to tech and/or automobiles


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Today after completing a tech deal (which left me with 0.23 tech) I purchased 5 tech to get my construction, asphalt, and automobiles bonus resources back. Prior to purchasing the 5 tech my happiness level was 11.60. I expected the tech purchase (and associated bonus resources) to increase that to 17.60. According to the manual the jump from 0.23 to 5.23 tech should've got me 3 happiness points (moving from the 0-1, +0 bracket to the 3-6 +3 bracket), and automobiles should've got me another 3 happiness points, for a total of 6. However, after the purchase my happiness level was only 17.10, 0.5hp short. Where are the other 0.5 happiness points? (And before anyone asks, my environment or global radiation didn't change.)

0.5 happiness points isn't really something I'm going to worry about, but I'm just curious as to why my calculations failed.


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