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No PAIN no gain

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Protection Agency Of Independent Nations


PAIN is looking for new members to fill her glorious ranks, all types and experience levels wanted

Direct from the PAIN Charter

PAIN is an alliance based upon honor, and as such all treaties will be upheld to the letter and spirit therein. As such, PAIN will not attack any alliance that shares a treaty without proper cancellation. PAIN will honor any agreement requiring mandatory defense or aggression regardless if PAIN agrees with the war or not. In conclusion, PAIN views treaties as an agreement between friends and a promise that PAIN will uphold, regardless of the circumstances or outcome.

You want to Benefits!!! We got them!!!!

  • Up to 15Mil per month for nations under 3K infra
  • Up to 500 Tech per month for nations over 3K infra
  • As well as other new and developing Aid Programs
  • Fellowship of a close knit alliance
  • Participation in a mentor program to help you learn how to play CN
  • Kind, Respectful leadership that listens rather than orders

Sign up today... Just click on the flag at the top

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not a problem, PAIN truly is a great alliance

We have plenty of high infra nations to help boost the newer nations with aid and tech deals, and for our High Infra nations they get easy cheap tech deals out of the deal

I'm glad I joined... I truly have found a friendship here in PAIN

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