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The best trade Circle Possible


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we are 5 nation on Maroon Sphere that have started a trade circle but due to circumstances need another nation to Complete it.

and by the way we are not picky about team color we will accept from any team color

Resources Needed:

Water.GIF - Amous (Scottie Ville)

Wheat.GIF - The Prophet (Star of Jihad)

Aluminum.GIF - Pizzaconmigo (Lakonia)

Lumber.GIF - Pizzaconmigo (Lakonia)

gold.gif - Omar2008 (Kingdom of Caba)

Iron.GIF - The Prophet (Star of Jihad)

Coal.GIF - pjy01 (Adelaide)

Rubber.GIF - pjy01 (Adelaide)

Oil.GIF - Lafiel (Abh Humankind Empire)

marble.gif - Omar2008 (Kingdom of Caba)

Lead.GIF - Amous (Scottie Ville)

Uranium.GIF - Lafiel (Abh Humankind Empire)

you gain total of 8 Bonus Resources:

beer.GIF - +2 Happiness

construction.GIF - reduces Infrastructure cost -5% & raises aircraft limit +10

steel.GIF - reduces Infrastructure cost -2%

Asphalt.GIF - Reduces Infrastructure upkeep -5%

automobile.GIF - +3 Happiness

microchip.GIF - Reduces Technology cost -8% & adds +2 happiness

scholar.GIF - +$3.00 to citizen Income

radiation.GIF - Removes 1 day of nuclear anarchy. Improves a nations environment by 10%. Reduces global radiation for your nation by 50%.

It will give you below modifier :

Infra Purchase -42%

Infra Upkeep -26%

Land Purchase -10%

Land Area +35%

Population +8%

Happiness +10

Income +$13.50

Tech Purchase -13%

Soldier Purchase -$6.00

Soldier Upkeep -$0.50

Soldier Efficiency +38%

Tank Purchase -8%

Tank Upkeep -18%

Aircraft Purchase -16%

Aircraft Upkeep -25%

Total number of aircraft +10

Nuke/CM Purchase -20%

Nuke/CM Upkeep -20%

the benefit is tremendous and it's a very good trade circle so if you interested PM me in game to made the coordination

Lafiel Of Abh Humankind Empire

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