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black team trading circle *pop booster*


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All right, I need a nice trade circle, so here we go

3 bonus resources, Beer, Fast Food, and Construction, also allowing 1 nice bonus, hopefully income related.

Aluminum - ManweDrago

Spices - ManweDrago

Iron -

Lumber -

Marble -

Wheat -

Water -

Fish - StealthyLoner

Cattle - Kaziel

Pigs - Kaziel

Sugar -

Bonus!! (gems) - StealthyLoner

Initial Infrastructure Cost: -33%
Infrastructure Upkeep Cost: -18%

Number of Citizens: +27.5%
Citizens' Daily Income: +$1.5

Initial Land Cost: -15%
Purchased Land Area: +18%
Natural Growth of Nation's Land: +0%
Value of Land When Selling: +0%
Dens. Before Happiness Penalty: +50 Mi

Population Happiness: +12
Environment: +10%

12 / 12 Resources	Soldier Count: +35%
Initial Soldier Cost: -$3
Soldier Upkeep Cost: -$0.5

Initial Aircraft Cost: -8%
Aircraft Upkeep Cost: -0%
Number of Aircraft: +10

Tank Cost & Upkeep Cost: -5%
CM & Nuke Cost & Upkeep Cost: -0%

Nuclear Weapons: No
Days of Nuclear Anarchy: -0
Global Radiation: -0%

Technology Cost: -0%

Edit: Fixed Resource benefits to include gems:D

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I was also looking to start a black team trade circle for the same bonuses ressources (My post).

If your looking to get either Uranium, Wine, Gems or Silver as the "kicker", I would be interested. Let's work together and maybe we can make this trade circle happen ;) .

I have Aluminum & Spices.

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I am willing to join. I am at the moment blue team, because the trade agreements I have now... But I will change my team when this 

comes live. My resources are Fish and Gems(Bonus? :awesome: )

Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=213657

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c'mon, anyone? The best set in the game... I will try to PM ppl about this :|


I PM'ed three possible people with the combinations of:





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