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The BEST Aqua Team Trading Circle


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Greeting guys!

This trading Circle is for all of you who need those excellent Income resources that give you VERY nice bonuses across the boards. You'll get a great income boost with all the money you'll save on infrastructure. If you didn't know, trade circles are a way to get very stable trades from nations of the same team. You HAVE to have 2 of the resources on the list in order to be able to join. For the trade circle to work, you have to accept a trade from all people signed up on the list, so everyone gets the resources they need in a chain. If you have the necessary resources and are interested in joining, post your resources, and I'll add you to the list.

These are the Bonuses you'll get:

Initial infrastructure cost:  -33%
Infrastructure upkeep: -18%
Population increase: 27.5%
Citizen income increase: $1.5
Population happiness increase: 12
Initial land cost: -15%
Purchased land area increase: 18%
Environment increase: 	10%
Soldier increase: 35%
Soldier cost decrease: 	$3
Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5
Tank cost decrease: -5%
Tank upkeep cost: -5%
Aircraft cost decrease: -8%
Aircraft limit increase: 10


1. Fish - FILLED

2. Wheat - FILLED

3. Lumber - FILLED

4. Marble - FILLED

5. Iron - FILLED

6. Aluminum -

7. Water -

8. Cattle - FILLED

9. Sugar - FILLED

10. Pigs - FILLED

11. Spices - FILLED

12. Gems - FILLED

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