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White trade circle for Newbs


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I'd like to set up a trade circle based around quick population growth and a greater economy for new nations.

Here's what I'm looking for;

affluent Pop. +5%

Fine Jewelry happinesss +2

Gold income +3, tech. cost -5%

Silver income +3, Happiness +2

Gems income +1.5, Happiness +2.5

Coal Purch. Land +15%, efficiency +8%

Fish Pop. +8%, land cost -5%

Furs income +3.5, growth X 3

Wine happiness +3

Steel Infra. cost -2%

Iron soldier cost -3, infra. upkeep -10%, Infra. Cost -5%, tank upkeep -5%

Wheat Pop. +8%

Water Pop. unhappy range +50, happiness +2.5, enviro. 10%


Pop. +21%

Happiness +12

Income +11

Land +15%, cost -5%, greater population before unhappy

I'm a newbie too, so maybe theres something better that I don't know of, but this seems like a good set up for a beginning nation.

I have



Post here and/or pm me if you are interested.

Wheat and Water are optional if I can't find enough Nations with harbors.

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I have furs and coal and could join.

To make it clear for people who try to read it. Needed would be:


Coal - Zellix

Fish - Xaqaria

Furs - Zellix

Gold - Xaqaria

Gems -

Iron -

Lumber -

Silver - Kingy Trao

Water - Kingy Trao

Wine -

Wheat -

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So you know, steel itself comes from coal/iron, so you actually have room for another resource in there.

It is a bonus resource, it comes from the two being combined. So, you could keep wheat, and add another resource, since you are only using eleven and not twelve. I would suggest lumber. :awesome:

Just thought I'd help out.

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Okay thanks. I didn't realise I just copied and pasted and changed a bit.

So the total is:

Coal - Zellix

Fish - Xaqaria

Furs - Zellix

Gold - Xaqaria



Silver - Kingy Trao


Water - Kingy Trao





With steel being an extra addon that means we only have 10 resources. I'd recommend Lumber as recommended and possibly Aluminium (with wheat and water this would give us beer - +2 happiness). That would be great. If that failed then marble would give us -10% on infra cost. Thanks baby ;P.

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hey thanks guys, posted this at work and this is the first I've been able to check back. Yeah, any suggestions; lumber and aluminum sounds good, or if someone else has any additional resources that they think would be a good mix, feel free to post. I actually accidentally counted my own resources when tallying everything up (it was 5 in the a.m.) so I didn't realize there was room for a couple more.

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