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Any Team Trade Circle


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My brother and I are looking to form a trade circle that will take advantage of all of our resources. Hopefully there are members around who would like to get involved? We are currently blue team, but have no particular connection to the team, so would probably agree to change if the other members wanted us to.

Cattle - Grillichnya

Coal - Krellen

Fish - Grillichnya

Furs - Tiberia

Gems - Tameria

Gold - Sunteria

Lead - Krellen

Pigs - Tameria

Silver - Sunteria

Spices - Tiberia

Sugar - CCCPA

Wine - CCCPA

We need two other people, each with a harbor, and each with two of the above resources. Send me a PM and post here if you're interested.

Following is a tabulation of all the bonuses accrued from this trade (including team bonuses and base resource bonuses):

Population +24.5%

Initial land cost -15%

Purchased land area +23%

Soldier Efficiency +23%

Infrastructure Purchase cost -4%

Citizen Income +$10.00

Tripled natural growth

Happiness +20.5

Technology cost -5%

Missile cost -20%

Aircraft upkeep -25%

Tank purchase -8*

Tank upkeep -8%

Soldier upkeep -$1.00

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i have gems spices =D

Sorry deemarfury, but we already have spices, as you can see.

It appears that one of our members is tied to the red team. Let us know here if you're willing to change, or if you're absolutely unwilling to change, and unwilling to participate out of team.

I'm for switching to Red. Who's with me?

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I have contacted two other nations - both on the blue team - who have the resource combinations we need to complete the ring. Hopefully they're interested and we can soon enjoy the benefits of rich, well-fed and fancily-dressed populations.

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I sent out mailings to nations, both in blue team and other teams, who produce wine and sugar for export. Hopefully we'll get a nibble soon. Let's start discussing team issues. Tiberia's alliance will not allow a change in team from Red. We can all change to Red so everyone gets the happiness bonus, or we can remain Blue (or some other team) to get the bonus with each other. Tiberia is willing to remain in the circle even if we do not switch to Red.

I don't care what team we are on, and will join whatever team the majority of members wants to join. What do you all think?

******This Trade Circle has been completed********

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