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ARE Recruitment Topic

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Welcome to our thread! Were the Arctic Radical Empire, a new alliance ready for some new members who want to grow together.

Heres our forums: ARE Forums

Charter of the Arctic Radical Empire


We, the nations of the Arctic Radical Empire, henceforth referred to as "The ARE", agree to form under the banner of the ARE for the mutual protection and advancement it brings us.

Article I - Admission and Expulsion

Ia. Admission:

To join the ARE, you must register at the ARE forums then post the following information in the correct location on the forums.

Ruler name:

Nation name:

Are you at War:

Previous Alliances:


Other requirements:

1. Your Team Colour must be blue.

2. You must be clear of war for at least 1 week

Also you must sign the oath of the alliance

I, [your ruler name here] agree to faithfully serve the alliance, the assembly and the emperor as long as my tenure in the alliance. I pledge to defend its principles, ideals of the alliance

- [ruler name] of [nation name]

Lastly the ARE reserves the right to deny alliance membership to anyone we feel necessary to deny membership to (E. G., having a cheat warning or an obscene name).

1b. Expulsion

Any nation in the Empire can and will be expelled from the alliance if they violate any of the laws of the ARE, the ARE charter or any ARE treaties.

Article II- Government

The government of the Arctic Radical Empire is broken into 3 different branches which fulfill different duties; these include The Imperial, Legislative and Ministerial branches. However, more may be created if the need arises.

2a. Imperial Branch:

The Emperor: The emperor is the official head of state of the ARE. He can veto any decision made by the imperial council or the people's assembly. His decisions will only be acted upon if at least one of the emperor's adviser triumvirate approves the decision. Even after an adviser approves of his actions, he can still be vetoed by one of the legislative bodies. The Emperor is allowed to make announcements on behalf of the alliance, but must use the imperial seal or imperial flag.

The Adviser Triumvirate: 3 members of the ARE elected each month to guide the emperor in his actions. For the emperor to take action, an adviser must first approve said action.

2b. Legislative Branch:

Consul: The Consul is the official head of government of the ARE. He is elected every 2 months and he can veto any decision made by the assembly and the council. The consul is also the only other person in the alliance who can make an official alliance announcement, but he must use the Alliance Flag, The Alternative Flag, The War Flag or the Coat of Arms.

The Council: 7 senior members of the alliance. 3 members of the council will be appointed by the emperor himself, while the other four will be elected by the assembly. The council has the power to veto the assembly.

The Assembly: The entire membership body of the alliance participates as the assembly. The assembly can veto the emperor and the consul, but they can be vetoed by the consul or emperor or council. The Consul, Emperor and any members of the Council are not members of the assembly

2c. Ministerial Branch:

The Ministries are the arms of the Empire. They carry out daily tasks like trade coordination, running the forums, et cetera. Each ministry is controlled by a minister who is elected every 2 months at the same time as the Consul.

Ministry of War (MoW): The Ministry of War is the ministry that coordinates military effort in the alliance. Led by the emperor who has the title of commander in chief, the MoW has 2 branches: The Army, who is obviously the combined armed forces of all nations in the ARE, and the Imperial Intelligence Directive, which has the job of maintaining facts about alliances (such as the total Nation Strength of an alliance or members in an alliance) and maintaining coordination and order amongst the military. Though the Emperor has control over the MoW, the emperor must have a Minister of War to control the military through day to day operations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA): The MoFA controls all embassies and ambassadors in the alliance. They control which alliances we send ambassadors to. They also keep the relations with other alliances open. The MoFA is controlled by the the MoFA (minister of foreign affairs).

Ministry of Economics (MoE): The Ministry of Economics is the ministry that creates and maintains trade guilds and aid programs within the alliance. Led by the Minister of Economics

Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA): The Ministry of Internal Affairs moderates the forums and holds elections, they also monitor elections to make sure they don't get rigged or fixed.

2d. Override Clause

In a time of crisis, the current emperor has the ability to cancel congress (both the Council and the Assembly) for a one week period. The override clause can only be used during one of the crises outlined below.

1. A extended alliance against alliance war in which the ARE is not the aggressor. The war must extend for at least a week before it is considered a crisis.

2. A Coup (A faction not in power tries to shove out the legitimate government).

3. An first strike nuclear attack against the alliance

2e. Veto Clause

If one body of government vetoes a suggestion or bill by another body of government the vetoed body cannot veto the body of government that has vetoed their proposition. However, an un-vetoed body of government though can override the veto.

Article 3 - Foreign Affairs

3a. Treaties

The ARE reserves the right to make, create or void any treaties. All treaties must be approved by the MoFA, the legislature and the emperor.

3b. Embassies

The ARE also reserves the right to set up embassies with other alliances and ban any alliances from our forums.

3c. Ambassadors

The ARE will send ambassadors to alliances that we have set up diplomatic relationships with. If an ambassador is unfit to ambassador, he will be replaced by the MoFA's decision.

3d. Responsibility Clause

If any ARE nations declare war on any member of the alliance, the ARE is officially responsible. Please incur with the alliance leadership about the nation

Article 4 - War and Intelligence

4a. War

In the situation of a defensive war, the ARE will call upon the full body of its allies (if any) to try and defend its membership. In the a defensive war, the alliance will switch its flag to the war flag.

4b. Imperial Intelligence Directive (IID)

The IID's duties include, gathering information on enemies nation strength, total alliance count, nuke count and organizing the military to fight against enemy alliances. THE IID'S DUTIES DO NOT INCLUE SPYING ON ENEMY ALLIANCES

Article 5 - Internal Affairs

5a - Elections

The MoIA runs all elections from the council, to the consul to the Ministers.

Election Terms

Minister: 2 Months

Council 1 Months

Consul 2 Months

5b - Tests

The MoIA also creates all tests you need to be able to take a position. Every position will have its own unique test.


- Emperor (the)blueman of Ilyria

- 1st Consul Vipiirion of Ville De Marseille

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