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Looking for an alliance

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The United Alliance is a new, growing alliance at only one month old with only 6 members. We have plenty of governemntal positions open and you could fill one of them.

Most alliances would simply offer you a huge fistful of cash to get you started as a new nation, but we offer much more than that. We offer guidance, protection, assistance when needed, but above all, friendship and respect. We see our members more than just a statistic. We see them as a friend. A friend to the alliance and us, the members.

If you want to get involved in our thriving and friendly community, visit our forums to sign up or ask any questions you may have.


Enjoy the game.

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As a new but ambitious member, I'd recommend you to join a middle-sized alliance. You will not be one of a crowd of members which is not cared about, but you will be offered plenty of aid, protection and possibilities to grow into CN.

I would invite you to join The Centurion Brotherhood. We are a multi-colored but preferable pink alliance with more than 90 members and about 1,200,000 in Nation Strength. We've grown a lot recently, which offers new members even more opportunities as our influence improves with our strength.

Besides, we are a great community of a number of active players, which could really be improved by new players as we want member to take on responsibilities.

So, feel free to PM me with any questions you might have or visit our forums at z3.invisionfree.com/tcb_forums.

Hope to see you soon,

Czaress Jana

Director of Recruitment

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I'd have to say join GGA.


Because we are a powerful sanctioned alliance that is also undefeated in war.

Also, we take very good care of our own. We have some nice aid programs, great tech trading stations, and a close-knit family as a membership.

If you join you are sure to prosper. Also, you can get 3 mil right off the bat for passing the page exam.

Want more?

I will personally be your mentor, and I send out quite a bit of aids.

All in all, why wouldn't you join, we're the best there is.

www.grandglobalalliance.net <= just clickity clack on that and make the best decision of your life...


edited for link.

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Thanks, I just put in my registration. And who is the leader of the UA?

To the UA

I am the leader, but I am one of two leaders, its just the second leader position is sort of undecided - sts900 (currently holding position) would like to change and DRail take the place but that decision is still pending.

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