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Democratic Republic of Argolis

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~The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Argolis~

Our Forums: Argolis Forums

Team Location: Blue

Founded: April 3,2008

Citizenship Incentives:

Start Up and In-Game Aid

Citizen Loan Programs

Trade and Tech Deals

Argolis Government Positions

Freedom of Speech as well as Other Citizen Rights

Protection from the Alliance and Our Allies

A Voice in Alliance Affairs

Community of Friends

As An Argolis Citizen

As a citizen in the Alliance, you will receive full support from the Argolis community to grow and prosper.The Argolis Community,citizens will provide all the necesary tools and support to help you succeed and propser here in CN.The Argolis Alliance will provide Aid,loans,tech and resource trading,and other Alliance programs.Argolis is a demoratic alliance,and all citizens are encouraged to voice their opinions and ideas,even if it is their 1st day of citizenship.


We the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Argolis,come together to assert ourselves as a unified Alliance here on Cybernations,for the protection and prosperity of all Argolis Citizens.This binding document is our proof to the dedication and establishment of the Democratic Republic of Argolis.

Alliance Goal

The goal of the Argolis Alliance is for our citizens to enjoy the game,have fun and come together to create a friendly community.

1: Admission,Citizenship and Expulsion

Article 1: Membership

i.Any nations may apply for citizenship in the Democratic Republic of Argolis.

ii. A nation may be barred from entrance to the alliance if it doesn't adhere to the the requirements set forth by the Argolis Government.

iii. The Argolis Alliance is a Blue Team Alliance.All new members must change to Blue upon approval of citizenship.

iv.No citizen may join or be a part of in any way,another alliance while a citizen of the Argolis Alliance.

Article 2: Alliance Expulsion

i. A citizen may be expelled from the Alliance if that citizen violates any citizen laws,constitution,or any order from the Argolis Government.

Article 3: Resigning from Argolis

i.Citizens may resign from the Alliance at any time for any reason by posting in the Resignation Office.If a citizen resigns, a post must be made 7 days before the resignation becomes valid.

Article 4: Rights of Our Citizens

i. All citizens have the right to vote in alliance elections and other polls.

ii. To freely express one's opinion on any issue at any time, as long as it does not violate the rights of others.

iii. All citizens have the right to a fair trial conducted by the Senate.

iv. All citizens have the right,and are encouraged to run for government positions in the Argolis Alliance.

v.A citizen may not leave the Argolis Alliance, if they have any unfinished business,i.e.,remaining debt,etc.The citizen must clear all thes ematters up,then will be released from the alliance.

vi.To petition the Government for any unjust grievances against you.

vii.To defend yourself before a jury of one’s peers, be informed of the charges against you, enjoy a speedy and public trial, be confronted by any and all witnesses, have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in one’s favor, and to have the benefit of a Counsel for one’s defense in all cases which may result the infringement of any of these enumerated rights.

viii.No Argolis citizen is allowed to tech raid any nation for any reason.

iv. All citizens have a right to receive aid.

x. Citizens have the right to offer advice and suggestions to make the Democratic Republic of Argolis better.

x.All Argolis citizens are required to help other Argolis citizens.This is our way of succeeding and propering as a community.

The Argolis Principle:

Argolis citizens can come and go as they please.In doing so,we ask that our citizens adhere to the constitution,alliance laws,and citizen rights.

Section 2: Argolis Leadership

The Ministers and Council of Argolis are appointed by the President.This process will change upon the start of elections,which begin upon the citizenship hitting 30 citizens.

The only position not up for election is President.If the President leaves office,the Senate must appoint the Prime Minister as President within 10 days.Then a special election must be held within 14 days of that appointment,to elect a new Prime Minister.

i. President:

The President has complete say in all matters of the alliance. It is the President's responsibility to oversee all happenings within the alliance.

ii. Council of Argolis:

The Council of Argolis shall comprise of (3) members and the President.The Council of Argolis shall have final authority in all matters regarding the functioning of the Argolis Alliance,unless otherwise specified in this document or in ratified legislation.

The Council of Argolis will serve as the sole judiciary power with in the alliance.

ii. Prime Minister:

The Prime Minister will be in charge of presiding over the Senate ensuring that all citizen rights are upheld and defended. The PM is also in charge of the day-to-day Alliance matters.

iii. Minister or Defense:

The Minister of Defense oversees all plans for attack and defence of the alliance.

iv. Minister of Foreign Affairs:

The MOFA is also responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign powers and organizing the diplomatic corps. The MOFA is in charge of all diplomatic relations for the Democratic Republic of Argolis.

v. Minister of Internal Affairs:

The Minister of Internal Affairs is in charge of new membership applications,the mentr programs, as well as educating,assisting and recruiting new members for the alliance.

vi. Minister of Economy:

The Minister of Economy (MOE) is responsible for aiding all member nations in getting trades, for managing and organizing the alliance banks and for establishing all aid.

vii.Minister of Immigration:

The MOI is responsible for all matters pertaining to the recruitment and membership of new and current citizens.

Article 3: Senate

i. The Senate is made up of the citizens of Argolis,through elections.. No citizen may run for Senate unless they have been in the Alliance for 30 days.

ii. Senators are elected once a year by the citizens of Argolis.

iii. The Senate votes on all treaties, and those treaties will be passed by a simple majority.

iv. v. The Senate, and the Minister of Defense may declare war on a foreign power with a two thirds decision. The Minister of Defense may declare war without approval of the Senate only if a citizen of the alliance is attacked.

v. All legislation passed by the Senate,must be signed off on by the President or Prime Minister.

Section 3: Congress

Article 1: Legislation

i. The Senate may veto any amendments to the constitution by 2/3's vote.

ii. The Senate is reponsible for maintaining and enforcing the Argolis Constitution.

iii. The Senate oversees all punishments in violation of the constitution,and alliance laws,etc. When serious violations occur,they are required to send notice of the offenses to the Council of Argolis for discipliary action.

Section 4: War,Acts of Agression,Mediation,Spying & Nuclear Policy

1. The Democratic Republic of Argolis is a peaceful alliance. We will not condone attacks on other nations, but will defend ourselves if provoked or attacked.

2. In the event of an alliance conflict, diplomatic efforts will be the first course of action.All diplomatic means will be exhausted first.The Democratic Republic of Argolis wishes to avoid any war as much as possible.

Article 1: Non-Aggression Policy

No alliance member will engage in unauthorized wars of aggression for any purpose.

Any act of war must be approved by the Alliance leadership,and Minister of Defense.

Article 2: Nuclear Arms Policy

The Argolis Alliance has instituted a no nuclear arms policy. Nuclear arms are not to be used to threaten or intimidate other nations.Any nation that uses nukes against any citizen or allie,will be subject to retaliation,resulting in PERMA-ZI!.

Article 3: Diplomatic Mediation

The Democratic Republic of Argolis will be more than happy to assist in any mediation process,if it will help the disputing nations gain a fair resolution to their problem!

This process will be overseen by the Argolis President or Prime Minister,and our Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Article 4: Spying

The Democratic Republic of Argolis views spying as an act of aggression with the intent to inflict damage. Spying is not allowed on aligned nations or nations under any other protection.

Section 5: Alliance Mergers, Disbanding and Constitutional Amendments

Article 1: Alliance Mergers

i. Alliance mergers must be approved by the Senate.

ii. All mergers must be passed by a two-thirds majority of the Senate,and must be signed off on by the President and Prime Minister.

Article 2: Alliance Disbanding

i. In order for the alliance to disband, it takes the approval of the Senate and the signature of the President.

Article 3: Constitutional Amendments

i. This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds votes of the Senate, and approved by the citizens of Argolis.If there isn't enough to make a 2/3 vote,the Prime Minister, may approve the amendment with a signature!

An amendment to the Democratic Republic of Argolis Constitution may be made by proclamation issued by any Citizen. The Amendment shall be debated for a period of 1 week, then it goes to the Senate for final approval.

Section 6: Elections

Elections within the alliance will begin after the citizenship hits the 30 citizen mark.All elections will cease if the citizenship of Argolis falls below the 30 citizenship count.

Once elections are able to begin,they will convene every 3 months.

Section7: Violations of the Constitution

Any member nation violating the terms of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Argolis can be subjected to any, or a combination of the following - Verbal warning, Suspension of citizenship,or Expulsion.

Each member accused of violation, or expelled member has the right to request a re-examination of the situation at hand,and appea it to the COuncil of Argolis for a final action.All decisions by the Council of Argolis are final and unappealable.

This is the official document of the Democratic Republic of Argolis.

Queen Aphrodite,President of Argolis

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