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Join the Soviet Peoples Army today!

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Here at the Soviet Peoples Army, our main mission is to create an Alliance that forms strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood among our players. We are a peaceful nation per-say, but war is not outlawed. There had be a pretty darn good reason for any and all wars though. We will protect ourselves and our allies with our very cybernations lives if required. No one person is more important than the other, and everyone has an equal voice. We are a fair alliance, and everyone has equal opportunity.

Here is our sworn statement that we uphold: I, being aware of the duty placed on my by the mission statement in the Charter, do hereby swear to uphold the Soviet Peoples Army's ideals. I swear to become a part of a tight brotherhood, whose bonds cannot be broken or weakened by any force, whether external or internal, and I swear to uphold the honor of my comrades with every breath of my being. Nothing is as important in the Soviet Peoples Army as my brothers!

If you are looking for an alliance to join that will provide a great sense of brotherhood and community, then joining the Soviet Peoples Army is right for you. We are a brand new alliance, and are looking for people who want to join a brotherhood and make a serious commitment to their comrades in arms.

Here is the link: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Soviet_Peoples_...dex.php?act=idx

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We are also an easy going alliance that likes to have fun with life. I won't lie, this is a brand new alliance, and some effort will be needed. It will take some dedicated people, but it won't take up all of our time. One of our goals is to create an alliance where a person can be free from attacks, learn about the greater aspects of the game, and help your alliance in different ways. It matters not the nation strength, only the amount of heart and strength of character.

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