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Looking for new Alliance

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I would invite you to join The Centurion Brotherhood. We are mainly pink, but we allow our members to choose another color if they wish. We also allow tech raiding, even though we don't take on any responsibilities. TCB has recently grown over 1.2 million in Nation Strength and around 90 members. We search for new dedicated members willing to grow into a good community.

Maybe our experienced diplomats might be able to help you with those wars. However, please try to finish them if you can.

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The North American Hockey Alliance is looking for good members once your wars are peaced. We are small and multicolored at this point, so you may remain on white. In fact, when membership levels allow, we will be moving to one of the teams and quite likely white. We allow raiding on unaligned nations that are not on the red team, and have a generous startup aid program should you require it.


Hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike are welcome.

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