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Need Tech Sellers 3 Mil for 100 Tech


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I would like to get 6 tech sellers. All my aid Slots are open so please PM me in game. I will add people to this list and Once I get all 6, Money will be sent out. No Middle man needed

TECH MUST BE DELIVERED ON TIME! I will send out PMs to the sellers when tech is due on the update and I expect to receive the tech within the day. This will make it easier for the both the seller and buyer.

My Nation URL:

My Nation

1. ForeverTrue of SweetRevenge

2. Van der Bruck of FranzJosephLand

3. RogerCowell of Raticate City

4. Sulli019 of American Ireland

5. llamavore of Sefende

6. hrethric of blagistan

Thank you those who accepted my offer. I will keep updates posted here. Also I will be looking for more deals after. If you will be interested in a month, please post here, leave your nation and ruler name here, and I will put you on the waiting list. First come, First Served

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