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Trade Circle w/uranium


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UPDATE... This trade circle has been filled

I am looking to start a trade circle with the following resources. This resource set is intended for higher nations who want or have nukes. Its not the best resource set in the game however it is balanced with plenty of infrastructure savings and slight population increases.

Resource - Nation

Gold - Avistonia (me)

Uranium - Avistonia (me)

Coal - Ile Pacifique

Lumber - Ile Pacifique

Oil - Mandering

Rubber - Mandering

Aluminum - filled

Marble - filled

Lead - Cannibal Isle

Wheat - filled

Iron - filled

Water - Cannibal Isle

Bonus Resources will be:







Radiation Cleanup

Scholar (if you have literacy rate)

I am currently a blue team member but this trade circle can select a new team color when it is finalized.

Please respond if you are interested and have the required resources that are left.

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