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Geiseric's Black Team Merchants of Doom (Nukes and Monayz!)


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HAI GAIS! I'm here offering people with the right set of resources on this trade plan on black:

Geiseric's Guild

Aluminum, Cattle, Fish, Gems, Lead, Lumber, Pigs, Spices, Sugar,Uranium, Water, and Wheat

Resources in RED are no longer needed.

Bonus Resources: :beer: :fastfood: :scholar:

Current Members:

Geiseric :gems: :uranium:

xXxNavySEALxXx :cattle: :pigs:

Crazy Horse :aluminum: :spices:

Statistics of this Trade Guild:

Citizens: +30.56%

Happiness: +12 (Estimated effect on income: +$24)

Income: +$4.5

Density before population unhappiness: +50

Infra Cost/Upkeep: -12.58% / -10.76%

Land (Purchased): +19.07%

Land Cost: -14.5%

Environment: +1

Soldier Efficiency: +38%

Soldier Upkeep: -$1

Tank Cost/Upkeep: -8% / -8%

Aircraft Cost/Upkeep: -8% / -20%

Missile Cost/Upkeep: -20%

Stats mentioned below are not factored in the list above.

Uranium causes a -1 environment penalty if your nation isn't naturally producing the resource(s).

Stats of Uranium Dependent on Government Preference

Allow Nuclear Power, Do Not Allow Nuclear Weapons

Income: +$3 - +$7.5 ($3 + $0.15 per tech level up to level 30)

Happiness: -1 (Estimated effect on income: -$2)

Allow Nukes

May purchase nuclear weapons.

Reasons to join:

Massive population boost, very crucial whether you're still buying improvements or just in it for the taxes.

High Income, very happy population, very high income tax, nuff said.

High pop density happiness cap,... means you don't have to fiddle around your army count and land just to keep your population happy.

Low military equipment upkeep and high soldier efficiency means high NS = w00t!

URANIUM for the purchase and maintenance of nuclear weapons.

TL;DR = IMHO this is a good setup for both middle class nations (around 1500-3500 infra) and Nuclear powered high NS nations that stores money in the billions. Lousy infra discounts you say? Why, with the cash we're gonna make with LC swapping, the discount would seem negligible.

(Geiseric's statements has not been backed by facts and calculations, the fact he's currently making 1.3 M after taxes with a 2429 infra nation might cause some delusions of grandeur :awesome: )

Edited by Geiseric
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