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Lumber & Marble Needed For Trade Circle

Pete Mardle

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We require someone with Lumber and Marble to replace a lost member in our trade circle.

The trade set up is the popular happiness and population booster set which gives the bonus resources of fast food, beer and construction. The individual resources are wheat, sugar, pigs, cattle, spices, silver, aluminium, iron, water, fish, lumber and marble.

We are all blue team but are open to the possibility of you staying in your current team, but you will of course lose out on the happiness bonus.

Financial compensation for cancelling current trades and the need to build a harbour will of course be offered.

The trade set up will give you the following benefits:

Initial infrastructure cost: -33%

Infrastructure upkeep: -18%

Population increase: 27.5%

Citizen income increase: $2

Population happiness increase: 11.5

Initial land cost: -15%

Purchased land area increase: 18%

Environment increase: 10%

Soldier increase: 35%

Soldier cost decrease: -$3

Soldier upkeep cost: -$0.50

Tank cost decrease: -5%

Tank upkeep cost: -5%

Aircraft cost decrease: -8%

Aircraft limit increase: 10

Water increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50.

PM me in game or reply here if interested.

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