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United Federation of Planets

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We, being the undersigned nations do hereby band together, in an effort to establish, foster and develop the mutual respect, defense and economic cooperation between all members of the United Federation of Planets. We do state that these words shall govern us, and that all persons in membership within said Federation will adhere to them.

Section One: Qualifications on Membership

In order to promote the healthy wellbeing and general image of the UFoP, a standard must be met when accepting any new member nation into the Federation. The member must not be involved in any current wars, must be on the Blue Sphere and must be in general good conduct at all times before and after his acceptance.

Any member who fails to meet these requirements may be subject to a denial of admittance into the Federation. Special waivers can be granted on these terms by the President of the Federation.

Section Two: Duties of The Membership

It is the responsibility of every member to read the forums and participate in the alliance. Signing up for Starfleet is a requirement of Membership within the Federation. Each member is expected to conduct himself with dignity and respect becoming of a member of the UFoP. Any member may run for Office, and it is the responsibility and duty of all members to vote during our General and Special Elections.

Members are expected to remain on the Blue Sphere and to participate in all active trade circles. This is so that the Federation can provide for all of its member nations.

Section Three: The Federation Council

The Federation Council shall consist of no more than 5 Nations, elected by the general membership each month. Elections commence 1 Week prior to the 1st of each month and voting takes place 48 Hours prior to the 1st of each month. In order for a candidate to be placed on the ballot he or she must have at least 2 nominations, a first and a second. Simple majority will elect each member to the council.

The Federation Council is responsible for all matters regarding war, peace, trade and legislation within the alliance. It serves as the primary governing body within the United Federation of Planets.

The candidate receiving the most votes will be placed in the position of President of the United Federation Planets. It is the duty of the President to maintain votes, and ensure the timely action and process of voting and legislation during all Council Proceedings. Each vote within the council may last up to a maximum of 48 Hours. All votes must be made public once the vote has passed or failed, to the general membership.

The Federation President is required to make all public announcements regarding the alliance to the rest of Planet Bob.

Section Four: Starfleet Command

Starfleet shall serve as the primary defense force for the United Federation of Planets. It is a mandatory requirement for all members to serve as an Ensign within Starfleet. Each Ensign is posted on a Ship, or Division, based upon their nation strength. A Captain will lead the Ship, and a Commander will serve as its First Officer, or XO. There will be a minimum of Four Ships at all times.

Starfleet will be lead by the Admiral, which is appointed by the President of the Federation Council and kept in office until the current President, or any future President deems him or her unfit for service. At which point, a new Admiral will be appointed.

Section Five: The Federation Diplomatic Corps

The Diplomatic Corps reports directly to the Federation Council, and is headed by the Senior Diplomat. There can be any number of Diplomats, as there are alliances. However there can only be one Senior Diplomat, which is appointed and confirmed by the Federation Council, by simple majority. The Senior Diplomat stays in office unless the current or a future president replaces him or her.

The Diplomatic Corps must report every two weeks on the various alliances it oversees. It must include numbers of the alliance and the overall attitude of that alliance towards the Federation. Any member may serve as a Diplomat, provided they are of good conduct within the Federation.

Section Six: Utopia Planetia

Utopia Planetia shall serve as the primary Economic Body of the United Federation of Planets. It will provide for the economic assistance and development of all members within the Federation. It will assist in arranging trades, aid and development packages for new members.

Utopia Planetia will be headed by the Director, and that position will be appointed by the President of the Federation Council and confirmed by them. The Director stays in office unless the current or a future president replaces him or her.

Federation Forums: http://z9.invisionfree.com/CNFederation

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