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The World Order Charter

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The World Order Alliance Official Charter

I. Preamble

The purpose of this charter is to promote The World Order, and show the rules, regulations, and democratic process of The World Order.

II. Official

A. The official name of this alliance is The World Order, and the official acronym is TWO.

B. The Government is comprised of: President, Vice President, Head of Military, Head of Trading, Head of Recruiting, Head of Diplomacy, Treasurer, and Ten Council Members.

C. The name of the government is: The Council.

D. The official forum is: www.z15.invisionfree.com/theworldorder

III. Running

A. Any alliance member can run for any office besides Vice President

B. In order for any name to be on the ballot they must post in the correct forum.

C. In order for any person running for President to be on the ballot, he must have appointed a Vice President to run with him.

D. In Order for any person to run, they must agree to uphold the charter, to the best of their ability.

IV. Elections

A. Elections will be held every six months in December and June.

B. The polls will be open for three weeks from the 1st to the 21st.

C. Any member can vote.

D. All of the positions in The Council besides Vice President will be voted on by the members of the alliance.

E. The winners of elections will be determined by the percentage of votes. The person with the most votes wins

F. The winners of Council Members spots will be determined also by percentage. The people with the top ten percentages will be Council Members.

G. If a spot is left open for any reason a special election will be held to fill the spot.

V. The Council

A. All of The Council Members besides the President vote on proposals by the comities.

B. The Council needs a 1/2 majority and it needs approval by the President to make bills laws.

C. The Council needs a 1/2 majority and it needs approval by the President to sign treaties.

C. The President can veto bills and treaties, in that case it won't become a law, and the treaty won't be signed.

D. When The President veto's a bill The Council needs a 3/4 majority to override The Presidents veto.

E. The Council needs a 5/8 majority vote to impeach any The Council Member.

F. The Council is the central government that makes laws for The World Order, and is separate for from Political Party governments.

G. The Council's term is six months, with unlimited re-elections.

VII. Positions

A. President

1. Commander and Chief.

2. Can ask The Council to make laws.

3. Can veto bills made by the council.

B. Vice President

1. Lieutenant Commander and Chief.

2. Is the acting President when the President is out, or there is none.

3. Can vote on laws made by The Council

C. Head of Military

1. The Head of Military upon entering office will appoint two alliance members to be on The Military Committee.

2. Only the Head of Military can vote in The Council.

3. The Head of Military is in charge of organizing the Alliance's military and talking to the new members concerning their military,

4. The Head of Military along with the help of his or her committee will propose bills to The Council concerning military.

D. Head of Trading

1. The Head of Trading upon entering office will appoint two alliance members to be on The Trading Committee.

2. Only The Head of Trading can vote in The Council.

3. The Head of Trading is in charge of organizing inter-alliance trades, promoting good trades, and talking to new alliance members about trading.

4. The Head of Trading with the help of his or her committee will propose bills to The Council concerning good trades and making our trade system more efficient.

E. Head of Recruiting

1. The Head of Recruiting upon entering office will appoint two alliance members to be on The Recruitment Committee.

2. Only The Head of Recruiting can vote in The Council.

3. The Head of Recruiting will be in charge of devising recruitment messages that promote the alliance, and get more members.

4. The Head of Recruiting with the help of his or her committee will propose bills to The Council concerning Recruitment and set recruitment targets for each month.

F. Head of Diplomacy

1. The Head of Diplomacy upon arriving in office will appoint two alliance members to be on: The Diplomatic Committee.

2. Only The Head of Diplomacy can vote in The Council.

3. The Head of Diplomacy is in charge of diplomatic relationships with other alliances, treaties, and protectorates.

4. The Head of Diplomacy with the help of his or her committee will propose treaties and foreign policy bills to The Council.

G. Treasurer

1. The Treasurer upon arriving in office will appoint tow alliance members to be on: The Treasury Committee.

2. Only The Treasurer can vote in The Council.

3. The Treasurer is in charge of the alliance finances, and aiding new members (not necessarily directly).

4. The Treasurer with the help of his or her committee will propose financial aid and budget bills to The Council.

5. If the alliance goes to war with another alliance, all members of The Treasury Committee need to go into peace mode.

H. Council Members

1. The Council Members upon entering office, can join any committee.

2. The Council Members are the main voting block in The Council

3. The Council Members are in charge of voting on proposed bills.

4. The Council Members are allowed to propose general bills, or specialized bills if they are sponsored by the head of that department.

VIII. Political Parties

A. Political Parties are player made.

B. In order for Political Parties to be made, ever player in them needs to agree to not show aggression to other parties, or break away from the alliance in-game.

C. The purpose of Political Parties is so that members who have the same beliefs/ motives can hope to pass bills in The Council.

E. Political Parties may have only one candidate running for each head of a department (including President).

F. Political Parties may hold primaries to decide these candidates.

G. Political Parties can have as many people as they want running for Council Member positions.

IX. War

A. Warring Against Unaligned Nations

1. Warring against unaligned nations will be decided in The War Elections.

2. In order for wars to go in The War Elections forum they must be posted in The Reasons for War forum.

3. These elections will be open for five days to let the attacker think about his decision, and to let all alliance members vote.

4. If an attack is not posted on the forums, yet an alliance member attacks the punishment for the member(s) will be determined by The Council.

B. Warring Against Aligned Nations

1. Warring against Aligned Nations will be decided by The Council.

2. The Council needs a 5/8 majority to allow warring on aligned nations.

3. If an attack is not voted on by The Council, yet a nation attacks an aligned nation, the punishment will be determined by both alliance governments.

C. Attack

1. An attack on one nation in the alliance is an attack on all nations in this alliance

2. If the nation is aligned The Council will talk to it's leaders to decide the punishment for that nation.

3. Treaties with aligned nations that attack our nations will not be revoked, unless The Council sees fit with a 3/4 majority.

D. Technology Raiding

1. Technology raiding must be posted in the same forum, with War Elections, and War Reasons.

2. Technology raiding must only be done on unaligned nations.

3. The same voting rules must apply to technology raiding.

4. Technology raided nations, attacks must not be suppressed, attackers that do so, will be punished by The Council.

E. Nuking

1. Nuking, will be allowed on nations, that have been clarified as enemies (ie: war elections, nations that have attacked one of us)

2. During an alliance war, nukes are allowed to be let go at anytime, after war has been declared.

3. Nukes will not be allowed in Technology Raiding

X. Merging

A. Time and Forums

1.The merging alliance will be given 60 days to change their Alliance Affiliation to "The World Order"

2. The World Order will be the sole Alliance Affiliation of any alliance that merges with us, and the alliance will shut down their forums and use ours.


1. Contact me in-game and I will set-up the forum with the political party's topics.


2. The alliance merging into The World Order will become a political party with its own password protected forum.

3. The alliance flag will become the political party flag which can be selected from "My Controls" -> "Edit Personal Info" and to the drop-down box titled "Political Parties on the forums.

XI. Registration

A. People who wish to join the alliance must post in the correct day, and fill out the form.

B. After posting nations must wait to be masked by anyone who has masking powers.

C. In order to be masked nations must not be in a war with any other nations, and their alliance affiliation must be changed to: The World Order.

D. Nations must also agree to uphold the charter, as long as they are in The World Order

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