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Buying massive technology deals!!


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Ok.. So the buyer i usually buy from, it has been over 8 months.. and now we need to part ways..

This being said.. these are the options..

i buy 100 tech for 3 million.. flat out even price..

i can do this in many ways..

i will GLADLY do the i send 3million and then within 20 days u send me 100 tech every ten days..

but if you can do this.. i will be even MORE HAPPY..

I send 3million to nation of your choice

You get a nation to send me 50 tech

You get a nation to send me 50 tech same day using your OWN middlemen..

If you can do ANY OF THESE DAYS.. pm me asap in game.. first to message me will get the deals..

these deals will start in just about... 15-20 days... no later

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