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The Tech Market, Constant Tech Deals for YOU


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:jihad: Tech Selling :jihad:

***I will update this, so stay tune to how many slots I have***

Current Slots For Aid:

1) Filled

2) Filled

3) Filled

4) Filled

5) Filled

- I currently have 1 slots available -

This is how it will work for each slot which will consist of 1 nation:

Day 0: You send my nation $3 million

Day 10: I send your nation 50 tech

Day 20: I send your nation 50 tech

When you want to take a slot you:

1) Reply here notifying your taking a slot

2) Message me in-game

3) Send the 3mil

Its not complicated.

I am active on CN everyday though I am new, and will send your first 50 tech on exactly the 10th day, unless of course you supply a middleman. I will not be supplying middlemen. So if you have a middleman/are a middle man, then you pm me with the details on who to send the tech to, etc.

Got it?

Any problems, questions, etc. message me in-game

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shiz, miss typed that part, thanks for noticing :)

It can only be done if you supply the middleman

and as of now, the slots are all filled, the first empty slot will be in 4 days on March 14th.

thanks :)

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