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The Order of Halsa


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The Order of Halsa

Through Honor, Strength, and Valor, We Unite

Why, hello there, fellow national leaders. I come here, as the High Magistrate of The Order of Halsa, prepared to offer the services of my great alliance to all those looking for a new home. Halsa, while a somewhat young alliance, has worked greatly to offer all of its members the best guarantee of security it can through the strong political, military, and financial advancements it has made. Together, we promise to all of our members the best we can provide and nothing less.

On a detailed note, The Order of Halsa is a dictatorship, run by the High Magistrate and the five members he appoints to the High Council. Combined, the High Magistrate, the Vice Magistrate, and the four Ministers make up the High Council. We have Defense, Recruitment, External Affairs, and Finance Ministries. For specific laws and treaties, check out The Church on our off-site forums. For the most detailed answers to questions, take some time to skim through our charter.

I. Preamble

This document, the Charter of The Order of Halsa, shall be considered for all time the governing outline of The Order of Halsa, in all forms, be they defense, affairs, both internal and foreign, or governing law. All Halsan documentation and membership will be required to be in strict adherance of this document.

May this charter always be a guiding light to represent peace, prosperity, and eternal goodwill within and without Halsa.

II. Membership Applications

Any nation requesting membership to The Order of Halsa will be required to create an application in the proper, designated area of the forums including the information detailed in the pinned topic of that forum.

Nations may not during a joining period or any other period throughout their time in The Order of Halsa be in an alliance other than Halsa without first submitting a resignation as a member of this alliance. This government will in no way attempt to hold a member in the alliance against its will. It will be established that all membership will have at all times the right to leave The Order for whatever reason it sees fit.

The High Magistrate, the Vice Magistrate, and the Minister of Recruitment will all have the authority to accept or deny a membership request.

III. Government

The government of The Order of Halsa shall consist of a group of Ministers and two Magistrates, the High Magistrate and the Vice Magistrate. Together, these individuals will be collectively known as the High Council, which will be considered the highest governing body of The Order.

On the first day of each month, the High Magistrate will be in charge of appointing Ministers to fill the leading positions of each Halsan Ministry.

The Vice Magistrate position will be considered an eternally changeable position that may be re-chosen at any time.

A. High Magistrate

The High Magistrate is considered the highest ranked position of The Order of Halsa, and the holder of the position is to act as central management, ensuring that all Ministers are doing the jobs given to them and fulfilling their individual duties.

B. Vice Magistrate

The Vice Magistrate will act as the main supporter of the High Magistrate and should be considered an incompletely defined position for maximum flexibility in all work. The Vice Magistrate will act as the second in command should the High Magistrate be unavailable and will assist the High Magistrate in ensuring that all work given to both Ministers and specific members is completed on time and with efficiency. The Vice Magistrate position will also be completely re-definable at all times by the High Magistrate, who will specifically request new tasks to be completed by the Vice Magistrate as such tasks appear and become necessary.

C. Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defense will act as the central commanding leader of the military forces of The Order of Halsa and will be in charge of assuring that attacked members are adequately defended. The Minister of Defense will be expected to actively communicate with the Minister of Finance and Minister of External Affairs when necessary to ensure that adequate financial aid is provided to an attacked member and that sufficient diplomatic attempts are made to quell violent attacks.

D. Minister of Finance

The Minister of Finance will be in charge of assuring that attacked parties receive adequate financial aid to defend their nations and will also be in charge of creating and managing specific economic policies for the benefit of the membership of The Order of Halsa.

E. Minister of External Affairs

The Minister of External Affairs will act as the diplomatic pipeline between all foreign parties, ensuring positive foreign relations with outside alliances as well as attempting in all ways possible a peaceful end to any conflicts that may arise, or failing that, ensuring that violent encounters are quelled as swiftly as possible in a way that is beneficial to both parties involved.

F. Minister of Recruitment

The Minister of Recruitment will be responsible for creating one or more recruitment policies and changing them as change becomes necessary. The Minister of Recruitment will be in charge of keeping an up-to-date member list as well as monitoring incoming members and keeping the membership increase at a healthy rate.

IV. Legislation

Bills may be proposed by any member of Halsa and may be voted on when proposed to the High Council by any member of the council. A dedicated forum will be set aside for bill propositions by general Halsan membership. A bill will require a majority vote in the High Council to pass and become active law, excluding specific types of bills, which will require a two-thirds or larger vote and are outlined below:

  • A ) Declarations of war
    B ) Impeachments, excluding the impeachment of the High Magistrate, which will require every vote minus the vote of the High Magistrate himself
    C ) Amendments to the Charter of The Order of Halsa

V. Membership Guarantees

In the event that a Halsan member is attacked without provocation, he or she will receive full military and economic support. Diplomatics efforts will also be attempted to help prevent further escalation of an incident.

All Halsan membership will be granted a right to freely speak his or her mind about all internal affairs, be they bills being debated or already passed laws being debated or be they an anguish towards the Halsan government. No member will be forceably removed or required to change his or her ideals by the government even in the event that there is a disagreement with that government.

VI. Resignation or Impeachment of a Government Official

In the event that The Order of Halsa is left without a High Magistrate, the Vice Magistrate will be left to fulfill the duties left open, thereby making the Vice Magistrate the new High Magistrate of The Order of Halsa. The new holder of the position will also be required to appoint a new Vice Magistrate.

In the event that a Minister is impeached or resigns from his or her position, the High Magistrate will be required to replace that Ministerial position within the next two days.

VII. Discharge

The High Magistrate and the Vice Magistrate both hold the power to discharge Halsan membership. Violations of this Charter or other active Halsa law and documentation will be considered grounds for possible expulsion.

VIII. Ratification

This Charter is hereby ratified on May 22, 2007 by the first governing High Council of The Order of Halsa, considered official by the signatures below. May prosperity forever reign over Halsa.


High Magistrate


Vice Magistrate

Josh the Great,

Minister of Defense


Minister of External Affairs

Fuhrer Stafford,

Minister of Finance


Minister of Recruitment

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