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Brotherhood of Pirates

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Greetings...Brotherhood of Pirates is now officially open to veteran sea faring dogs, and landlubbers alike, and for any other nation leaders looking to kick off yer boots and have some fine vintage Rum and very tasty cookies, ye be welcome to!

Since we are brand new, we are small, but that will change, we are in the process of establishing foreign relations with several alliances at the moment, and we are looking to shore up our staffing needs as well.

So if you are up for an adventure...try joining an alliance at ground level...heck at our level it don't get any lower.

It should be exciting, and we hope to see you there!

For nations that are relatively new, we have growth grants for you...yep...free money!!

For older existing nations, or nations caught in between, we have money for you too!!! So come join us...sign up...get the gold!!!

For those of you who work in the Foreign Diplomat field, we invite you to come on over, enjoy our Rum, Cookies, women or men(the ones who aren't spoken for that is), and spam...gotta love spam... For you diplomatic type of folks we are even willing to create an embassy for you if need be.

Our forum link is below...look forward to seeing you there...

Brotherhood of Pirates Link

Below is our flag and our Articles of Agreement (Charter/Manifest).

The Articles of Agreement is not fancy like some of the Charters/Manifests that are floating around there, however we are trying to be a bit historic in nature. For those that are interested, our Articles of Agreement are based on the original Articles of Agreement that pirates used back in the day. A link to the original Articles can be found here. In addition, we wanted to have 8 Articles of Agreement instead of the original 9 due to having a liking to "The Pieces of Eight" reference used in pirate tales, hence 8 points in the Articles.



1:We are a Brotherhood of Pirates, and as such, every man and woman's voice has the right to be heard. However, there be two voices to be heard above all others; those being the Pirate King and Pirate Queen.

2: The Pirate King and Queen shall hire the First Officer from within the ranks. The First Officer is a brilliant military mastermind and as such will deal with matters of a military nature.

3: The Pirate King and Queen shall hire the Parlay Officer from within the ranks. The Parlay Officer is our political voice to the outside world, and as such will deal with matters of foreign affairs.

4: The Pirate King and Queen shall hire the Rum Runner from within the ranks. The Rum Runner is jovial and friendly, and as such will deal with matters of recruitment.

5: As Pirates, we reserve the right to take our loot from wherever we see fit. As such, we will accept Pirates from any color sphere. Acts of Piracy shall not be contained to one sphere.

6: While this be a pirate ship, and we be pirates, there will be just and fit punishment for behaviours unbecoming an honorable pirate. Behaviours include: Fighting without permission, fighting our brother pirates, hornswaggling, open flame near the powder room or rum stores, disrespecting a lady, and other such crude behaviours.

7: Stealing from the Company shall not be tolerated. This shall be considered akin to traitoring, and traitors shall be marooned.

8: Those who are found guilty of cowardice or drunkenness in a time of engagement shall suffer what punishment is found fit for their crime.

***Agreement 5 pertains to resources...Agreement 5 in no way endorses the behavior of Tech Raiding!***

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We have rum and cookies, spam and cheese, debauchery and swearing! Even if you don't want to join the Brotherhood, come and visit our forums anyway and partake in the fun that is to be had! We like visitors!

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