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The Novan Assault Alliance


-our alliance color is blue, green, aqua, red, and any other color

-all alone

-we allow any amount of attacking on any nation outside of our alliance and we will not kick you out

-small alliance right now

-alliance flag is Custom 7

- hopefully getting people to join

-not many laws

-help when needed

-do not welcome any type of Nazi group

- contact us for signing up

Our site:


Our Forums:


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That is why he is being attacked. He attacked two Imperial Citizens of The German Empire (While he was in The Empire himself), when we told him to just relax, and send Peace and Reps. He said No, and said he would rather fight to the end. So, his Alliance won't have much success with him running it.

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i did not attack any member of the German Empire while in the Empire

and just b/c im trying to move on doesnt mean you can just destroy what i want to make

i have a right you know

Every one you know i would not do that to an alliance

if im in the alliance!

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You attacked two members of The German Empire, you offered them Peace. You also attacked a Ragnarök Nations, and that is why you are being attacked by us and them. You do have a right, but you also had the chance to send Peace and Reps, you said you would rather fight to the end. Restart and just make sure we don't know your new account; or it starts all over again.

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