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The Independant States of Khotan


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On the 12th of Febuary 2008, Khotan announced it's independance from the abyss off CyberNations. Lead by Max Martin of Kundaria the alliance has formed an alliance from the begining.

The Independant States of Khotan

Khotan, Nations that Live Free, But Bound Under One Flag!

To join go to the Khotan Forums

The Independent States of Khotan


We, The Independent States of Khotan come together to form an allegiance of nations that will stand up and be noticed throughout the world whilst keeping their nations identity, rights and freedom intact. To the Khotan members each nation deserves to be free and never to be run by a foreign power or dictator. Our full name is “The Independent States of Khotan†and the shortened/common name is “Khotanâ€.


a. Membership is open to anyone, any religion, beliefs or strength. We accept weak and strong. In order to be eligible for membership you must not be involved in any wars with any members of an alliance. We encourage you to change to the black team if you have not already done so but you can still become a member if you are of any other colour.

b. Applications of membership to Khotan will be handled with by the Minister of Internal Affairs or Governor.

c. Expulsion of members will result when someone purposely tarnishes the alliance to the extent that it has negative effects on the alliances reputation or tries to change our belief of individual freedom towards every nation.


a. Governor

There will be one governor who leads the alliance and makes sure everything is in order and that that path that the alliance is taking is not straying from the basic principals’ of the charter.

b. Khotan Government Board of Control

The KGBC (Khotan Government Board of Control) will consist of five head members responsible for organising the branches of government. Elections for the 5 positions will take place every two months. The elected members of the KGBC will decide who gets the government positions. A maximum of 2 members of the KGBC can hold government positions at any one time.

i. Minister or War

The minister of war oversees all plans for attack and defence of the alliance. The Minister of War must check all attacks on and by the alliance, organise and command attacks and prepare the alliance for attacks in peace time.

ii. Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for representing the alliance and making official statements from the government, as well as overseeing and managing diplomatic relations and also negotiates peace in wartime.

iii. Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs approved or denies new membership applications, as well as educating and recruiting new members.

iv. Minister of Finance

The Minister of Finance is responsible for Organizing Aid and Growth programs within the alliance and the distribution of aid. The Minister of Finance will also report on the amount of money that the alliance has hold of.


a. Elections will take place for the positions of the KGBC and will happen ever second month. Elections will last over 3 days.

b. If in the event of constant complaints for a certain member from the Governor down to the government members and election will take place to either “keep in power†or “dislodge from powerâ€. To dislodge a member the vote has to be at least 60% in favour.


a. Alliance v Alliance

If a foreign alliance member attacks any Khotan member that nation shall be ZIed (Zero Infra) unless if a peace offer is submitted by the foreign alliance attacker, it shall be accepted as soon as possible with negotiations commencing with the alliance of the attacker.

b. Alliance V Rouge

If a rouge nation (a non-affiliated nation) attacks a Khotan member then the rouge shall be ZIed indefinitely.

c. Tech Raids

Tech raids are not encouraged to be commenced alone. Only raiding parties shall tech raid and only under the right circumstances.


If a nation is eligible to purchase nuclear weapons they are encouraged to do so but are not encouraged to use them at will, instead they shall stockpile the weapons ready for appropriate use.


Any member may request for an amendment of the charter but will first have to be approved to go to vote by the Governor and the Khotan Board of Control. If gone to vote the amendment must gain a 75% majority to pass.


As this is just a basic outline of our alliances goals and laws we must remember the main goal of the alliance “to let nations live free, yet be bound under one flagâ€. The charter will never be “complete†as such; instead we can improve it and make it more conclusive and detailed.

Edited by Kundaria
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