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SNA Charter


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Article 1- Membership

All nations who wish to join must complete the following to be accepted.







Article 2- About SNA

The Sovereing Nations Alliance is an alliance that will offer money,protection,power, and even friends.

Our moto is " Any Brother/Sister that needs help we will fight to the very end"

Any member that stays for a period of time will get a reward and you half to be active and post on forums reguraly.

Article 3- War

Any Nation who is in war must complete a battle report and send it to there Commanders.

Must do it in order to get respirations for the damage that is done and so we can see how much aid money you are going to half to use.

Battle reports must be completed every time you get a report.

Commanders will send the battle reports to the Governemt and they will keep track of all the battles and wars.

Article 4- Aid

Any nation who needs to recieve war aid must fill out form like this our your application may be denied.

Must start topic with your name



Summary of Damage done-

Once completed please alow 1 to 2 days for money to be sent to you.

Article 5-Government

The Sovereign Nations Alliance Government will consist of Members appointed my the Administrator of SNA.

All government positions will have power.

Government members cannot bann a member with out a group discussion and the admin having the final say in it.

Article 6-Military

Any Wars started without permission will result in Expolsion from SNA!

Military will consist of thre companies and six divisions

Companies are:




Companies will have 2 divisions in them.

They will be ran by generals and Lts

Generals will be in charge of there Division and tell the Lt what to do

Generals will also be in charge of sending battle reports to the Governemnt.

Generals will be in charge of making sure all military orders are followed.

Lts jobs are to do what the generals tell them to do and make sure members do what they are told and to report to General about everything that happens during wartime.

Any order broken by will result in a court like hearing in front of governemt and the Generals and all privilages will be revoked until settled.

Article 7- Recruitment

Recruitment will be in charge of recruiting members and making sure recruitment is recruitng members.

Recruiter's must try and recruit atleast 10 members a month

Recruitment will be the following positions:

Head Recruiter-

Head Recruiter-

Head Recruiter-

All the other positions are just regular recruiters.

Head Recruiters are in charge of recruitment messages and all videos.

Article 8- Posting

Opon posting there will be no harassment or cursing at any other members or to any other people on cn.

Article 9- Punishments

All punishments will be taken serious

All punishments are in front of the government

May have posting privilages taken away for a certain period.

Members will have a chance to say there sid of story.

punishments aren't final until admin has the last word of it.

Once you have read this welcome to Sovereign Nations Alliance

Thanks ShawnS-Leader

Link to Sovereign Nations Alliance- http://z15.invisionfree.com/SNA/

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