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The Shadow of Savannah; The J Andres Saga; Chapter 9

J Andres

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Chapter 9:
The Shadow of Savannah


"The aftershocks of these three giants shaking hands will be felt for years to come." -- PRN News Anchor, Fred Campbell, 2167


Chapter 1: Deja Vu
Chapter 2: Excellence and Exodus
Chapter 3: Vengeance and Vendetta
Chapter 4: The Peace Dividend

Chapter 5: Crisis and Crusades

Chapter 6: The Powder Keg

Chapter 7: Armageddon

Chapter 8: Countdown to Crisis



I am NOT on the CNRP map or any other shared universe map.
This is considered to take place in the Sol-3 Universe. Sol-3 is not accepting other players. This thread should be considered CLOSED* to all other players besides myself.
*Spectators may feel free to post announcements, news reports, etc. Actions that could be considered as interfering with the actions unfolding may or may not be recognized.

It's been more than 80 years since the end of the Grand Mexican War and the world's cities and nations are once again humming with the industrial spark of humanity. Survival is no longer the primary concern for most, although many would argue that the crumbs that are left after the elite eat are insufficient.

In North America, the continental players have been separated from the contenders, leaving three regional powers. J Andres leads a regional hegemony in the east, well-connected to it neighbors by trade and influence. Cascadia controls the west and with its planes in the skies has a clear technological advantage against all others. The Augustine Empire is dominant in the south, and has the largest military by the numbers, but has many internal fractures it must hope doesn't rupture. 

These three powers signed the Savannah Accords in 2167, clearly demarcating their spheres of influence. None of the three powers trust each other, but the Accords has allowed each to take a breath but now the new Emperor Marshall Augustus is publicly denouncing the Accords.

The Accords have bought peace on the continent, but for how long? In a Cold War with sky-high tensions, which minor transgression will overboil the pot?


JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

February 18, 2168



Director of Foreign Affairs, Brooke Mueller


ENDOR CUIDAD -- Director of Foreign Affairs, Brooke Mueller, is headed to Pensacola today to meet with the new Emperor, Emperor Marshall Augustus. "The Empire is our partner in the Savannah Accords. I am eager to congratulate the Emperor on his election victory and am excited to work with him in the future," she said as she boarded the JAS Apollo. 


Although her words were gentle, the selection of Marshall, former Duke of Texas, to be the next Augustine Empire has caused alarm bells to ring throughout all the halls of government. In his first public address, Emperor Marshall denounced the Accords and the "constraints" it was placing on the Empire. With the Empire already controlling the southern portion of the continent, there are limited places for them to go if they are feeling constrained. 


While Director Mueller is in the Empire, her mother, President Eleanor Mueller will be traveling to Cascadia to reaffirm relations with the west coast nation.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

February 23, 2168




Director of Foreign Affairs Eleanor Mueller and the JAS Apollo


PENSACOLA-- Director Mueller's visit to the Augustine Empire was much shorter than expected. She met with the Emperor yesterday for what has been described as a "brief" meeting. "The Emperor has made it clear that he doesn't view the Savannah Accords as suitable for the empire. He didn't rule out the potential for future partnership, and identified a few opportunities which I won't discuss here," Mueller said brief radio address.


Her address also stated that she intended to sail further south and visit the three South American nations, and was supposed to embark on that journey today. However, when the JAS Apollo entered the Augustine Gulf on a trajectory that was not to follow the Floridian coastline, it was intercepted by Augustine Defense Craft. In a public statement, the Emperor stated. "The J Andres Director of Foreign Affairs entered the Augustine Gulf on a vessel of war for a planned trip to visit our capital of Pensacola. While we would prefer that visiting emissaries travel on ships without artillery, we understand the Director's need for protection in uncertain waters. However, when the Director deviated from the planned itinerary she was intercepted. The Augustine Empire will not permit vessels of war to transit within our maritime zones."


Given the Empire's control of Cuba and Hispaniola, the JAS Apollo will be skipping a visit to Solaria, and instead traveling to Fortaleza.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

March 16, 2168




NAC President Anthony Cole and Detchitoria President Steven Bannister


KANSAS CITY-- The leaders of the North American Commonwealth and Detchitoria embraced today, as they continued their free trade partnership. "Our friendship with Detchitoria has benefits citizens on both sides of these borders," said NAC President Anthony Cole. "In the current continental climate, it is more important than ever for our two inland nations to stand united. We aren't going to let coastal powers dictate our future! Our future is ours to decide!"



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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

March 28, 2168




Revolutionary David Celeste


FÉRIN, OTTANIA-- Le Front Républicain, the most organized of the Ottanian anti-monarchy groups, released a manifesto today, requesting and audience with the King to discuss transitioning the nation to a constitutional monarchy. "The people deserve representation," said David Celeste, leader of the FR. "A constitutional monarchy is the most reasonable middle ground, allowing the royal family to maintain many of the privileges they enjoy while giving the people the right of self-determination."


King Mathieu has not responded to the request nor has he released a statement.


Support for the FR was nearly unanimous across the international community.

J Andres President Eleanor Mueller provided support, stating, "The Republican Front's request is reasonable and we urge our northern neighbors to consider its merits."

Acadian Prime Minister Caroline St. Onge also provided support, stating, "The fact that the Ottanian people have been crying for democracy for years, and they are still catering to the feelings of an unelected monarchy is despicable. A constitutional monarchy is literally the least the King should do. We urge our western neighbors to accept this meeting and act on this without haste."

Cascadian Prime Minister Elsie Huang provided support, stating, "Cascadia supports the people of Ottania in their plight for self-determination. A free and liberated people is key to preventing the wars of yesteryear and progressing humanity towards a better future.

Emperor Marshall Augustus of the Augustine Empire also provided support, stating, "A leader's responsibility is their populace, and a discontented populace is a sign of a poor leader. The Augustine Empire supports the people of Ottania in seizing what is theirs."

No statement was provided by the King of Alleghenia.



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JA_PRN1.JPGPacific Radio Network



April 2, 2168



King Mathieu of Ottania & David Celeste of the FR


[CAMPBELL] A shocker in the north...


[Sounds of indeterminate chanting in French]


[CAMPBELL] This is Pacific Radio Network Nightly News, and I'm your host, Fred Campbell. Tonight, as most nights this week, we are heading north of our borders to Ottania. Riots and protests, peaceful and not so peaceful have rocked cities like Ottawa and Montreal for the past few years as the anti-monarchy voice as grown stronger and stronger there. With me tonight is Xavier Durocher, a PRN host from Trois Rivières. Welcome, Xavier.


[DUROCHER] Good evening, Fred. It is a pleasure to be on your program.


[CAMPBELL] Thank you. What can you tell us about Celeste and the Front Républicain?


[DUROCHER] As you know, Le Front Républicain released their proposal a few days ago. Up until this point, the voices in the street have been loud and growing, but there has been no actual proposal on the table. It was just anger and resentment.


[CAMPBELL] So, the FR changed that. Now there is something concrete to talk about?


[DUROCHER] Oui et nonLe Front Républicain is just one of many organizations that are protesting. They aren't even the biggest.


[CAMPBELL] But they are the most organized?


[DUROCHER] Perhaps? They are the first to put a proposal into writing. I believe that the FR believes that having a written proposal gives them a sense of legitimacy. They appear more suited to govern when they can walk and talk like politicians.


[CAMPBELL] And who is David Celeste?


[DUROCHER] Until a few days ago, he was no one. He is a descendant of Cynthia Celeste, the second Chancellor of Disparu. It was a role similar to your Premier. She was assassinated, so despite her death being nearly 150 years ago, her name is one that is recognizable within Ottania. 


[CAMPBELL] Okay. Now that we've got the background, tell us about what has happened today.


[DUROCHER] King Mathieu issued an arrest warrant for Celeste, saying he was wanted for acts of domestic terrorism. 


[CAMPBELL] Seems like the King isn't interested in the proposal.


[DUROCHER] Which is surprising.




[DUROCHER] Oui. As I mentioned, the FR is not the only group protesting. There are many others, and many of them are larger, and with much more significant demands. For many in Ottania, we see that the writing is on the wall. Whether it is this year, next year, or ten years from now, the Monarchy will be toppled. The offer for a constitutional monarchy should have been seen as a gift, a golden parachute instead of a guillotine. 


[CAMPBELL] What happens now?


[DUROCHER] Celeste has a few days to turn himself in, before the police will be sent to apprehend him.


[CAMPBELL] And what effect is this having on the ongoing protests?


[DUROCHER] The protestors are more enraged than ever. Even if the different groups are splintered, and even if they don't agree with each other on everything, they are certainly united on being opposed to the King's every move. 


[CAMPBELL] Thanks, Xavier. We are going to pause for a moment to hear from our sponsors. When we return, Xavier will take your calls and answer your questions about Ottania.

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April 10, 2168


We are nearing the 80th anniversary of the Grand Mexican War, the war which reversed human advancement for decades that only recently have we been able to reclaim progress. The Republic of Cascadia remains firmly committed to ensuring that the mistakes of our ancestors are never repeated. The sanctity of our Earth is paramount. Cascadia will always do what must be done to protect it.


The Republic of Cascadia declares that all North American Territory west of the 104th parallel, and north of the Augustine Empire is a protectorate of Cascadia. This territory will be be integrated into Cascadia proper, and protected for future generations.


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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

April 29, 2168




Marie, Marquise of Syracuse


SYRACUSE -- Syracuse has undergone a significant Industrial Revolution over the last four decades, beginning roughly with the opening of the steel foundries at Syracuse Steel. The foundries were followed by Salina Iron Works and Kaminski Aircraft as well as numerous smaller businesses. All of these industrial factories have spurred the economy of the region. Unfortunately, this has been at the expense of the water supply, primarily Onondaga Lake.


Marie, Marquise of Syracuse, and her husband, Paul Lumina, have worked with JTech to develop an improved water filtration system for the city's public water supply. While this means the water will be safe to drink once it passes through the filtration system, the water will remain closed for swimming. 




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JA_MPR1.JPGMaritime Public Radio



May 18, 2168



Anthony Cole, President of the NAC


[BLOCK] Good morning, this is Steve Block and you're listening to Newshour on Maritime Public Radio, your source of unbiased news.


[Small 5 note melody plays]


[BLOCK] This morning, we've got a special guest, President Anthony Cole of the North American Commonwealth, is here with us in the studio this morning. Good morning Mr. President.


[COLE] Good morning, Steve.


[BLOCK] Welcome to our studio! You've been in Endor Cuidad for a few days now, is that right?


[COLE] Yes, this part of the continent is always nice to visit this time of year.


[BLOCK] It certainly is. Hopefully you've had some time to get out of the capitol?


[COLE] Not quite yet, but I hope to be down by the coast in another day or two, before heading home. 


[BLOCK] So, you've been here, meeting with some of the Senators in the Commune, and meeting with President Mueller.


[COLE] Yes, sir. And Director Sparks. We can cut to the chase a little, Steve, I know the questions you want to ask me aren't really about my weekend plans.


[BLOCK] Sure thing, Mr. President. So last week, you were quoted by the Kansas City Star as saying, "If Cascadia thinks they can take our heartland by proclamation, they can try to pry it from my cold, dead hands." Is that a true statement?


[COLE] Yes, and I stand by it.


[BLOCK] So you're calling for war?


[COLE] I'm calling for defense! Cascadia is the one that is taunting us with war. They've got a border. You all signed those Savannah Accords and that only described Cascadia's territory as up to the 110th meridian. I know that there is some commonplace thought that the nations which weren't signatories are full of backwater heathens or something, but I can assure you we know the difference between 110 and 104.


[BLOCK] But isn't war the inevitable conc---


[COLE] The North American Commonwealth will not be trampled on! It's that simple. Cascadia can rain fire down with their hell birds, it won't matter. They can't self-anoint themselves as the queens of the continent.


[BLOCK] Okay, well, we are going to take just a minute here, while we play a word from our sponsor. When we get back, we will continue our conversation with President Anthony Cole, of the NAC.


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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

June 4, 2168




Cabot Manor, the residence of the Countess of Norfolk in Burlington


BURLINGTON -- Supporters of the Ottanian Revolutionaries protested in Burlington today outside Cabot Manor, the residence of the Countess of Norfolk. The crowd swelled to a few thousand, and chanted slogans critical of the Ottanian Monarchy and of J Andres continued support for the current Ottanian regime. "The Countess and the rest of the nobles all claim that they support the revolutionaries and have urged King Mathieu to consider the revolutionaries request, but they have offered nothing but platitudes," said one disgruntled protester. No official statement was released by Cabot Manor.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

June 21, 2168




Logo of the Detroit Motor Company


DETROIT -- The Kingdom of Aurelia has made a substantial investment in the Detroit Motor Company, becoming a substantial shareholder and pledging millions of pesos towards advanced manufacturing processes. "Detroit is a unique city and the DMC represents a company which has repeatedly changed with the times," King Antonio II of Aurelia stated. "Aurelia believes that even better times are ahead for DMC and for the Americas."

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

July 7, 2168




Flags of the Fortaleza Federation and Cascadia


FORTALEZA -- Cascadia Prime Minister Elsie Huang left the Fortaleza Federation this afternoon, after completing a three day trip focused on environmental initiatives. "The Fortaleza Federation and the Republic of Cascadia are like-minded in our pursuit of of a healthy Earth capable of being passed down to future generations," Prime Minister Huang said before boarding her vessel. "While we leave here today with no treaties signed, we've made great progress on discussing our role as leaders on our respective continents as environmental protectors."

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JA_PRN1.JPGPacific Radio Network



August 11, 2168



Radio Host Fred Campbell and New Horizon Leader in the Commune, Walter Lewis


[CAMPBELL] Riots in the north and warmongers in the south, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


[Montage of radio clips and songs referring to being stuck in the middle]


[CAMPBELL] This is Pacific Radio Network Nightly News, and I'm your host, Fred Campbell. Tonight, I've got a rare guest, a friend from across the aisle, Walter Lewis, leader of the New Horizon Party in the Commune. Welcome, Senator Lewis.


[LEWIS] Good evening, Fred. Thank you for having me on.


[CAMPBELL] Of course, its been a while, hasn't it?


[LEWIS] It has, at least a year or two.


[CAMPBELL] Well, welcome back. I can't be accused of only inviting my friends in the Labor Party on the show now. Anyways, there is word out of the Empire today, that they are constructing a major expansion to their shipyard in Mobile. 


[LEWIS] We've heard the same rumors.


[CAMPBELL] Rumors?


[LEWIS] Look, Fred. This is the Augustine Empire we're talking about. A lot of information we receive about what's going on there is suspect, and it certainly has become less predictable with the new Emperor.


[CAMPBELL] Understand. Alright. Humor me for a bit though. A major expansion to the Mobile shipyard. What do you think they are doing there?


[LEWIS] I'd hate to speculate--


[CAMPBELL] Now I'm remembering why I haven't brought you on the show in ages.


[LEWIS] Excuse me?


[CAMPBELL] Sorry, Senator.


[LEWIS] Look, the Augustine Empire is a signatory of the Savannah Accords. We have no reason to believe anything the Empire is doing is threatening to us here.


[CAMPBELL] So you don't think they're working on a bigger battleship?


[LEWIS] I mean, they probably are, but you're missing the point.


[CAMPBELL] You're right. We signed a treaty with one Emperor. He died. His replacement said he thinks the treaty is stupid, but you're still holding on to the treaty as if its gospel and the other signatories are going to respect it as such.


[LEWIS] The Augustine Empire has always been---


[CAMPBELL] Wrong. Emperors Marcus Augustus and Alexander Augustus have always been friendly with J Andres.


[LEWIS] That's rig---


[CAMPBELL] And both of them are dead and we are dealing with a tyrant.


[LEWIS] He's not a tyrant--


[CAMPBELL] Not yet.


[LEWIS] And now I'm remembering why I don't like coming on this show either. 


[CAMPBELL] My producer is telling us we have to go to commercial. We'll be right back after these brief messages.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

October 20, 2168




Edward Kensington, Earl of Winthrop and former CEO of Annan Enterprises


ROSSINGOL -- Edward Kensington died yesterday evening at his residence, Thames Manor, in Rossingol. Kensington was the CEO of Annan Enterprises from 2131 to 2163, taking over from Douglas Annan. Kensington's tenure at Annan Enterprises will be defined by the growth of Syracuse Steel and the purchase of Irving Marine Corporation. Kensington also devised the merit-based ascension of his successor, Anne Kensington to the CEO role.


Kensington will also be remembered for his restoration of the House of Kensington-Annan to the nobility.


King Phillippe IV has named Sydney as the new Countess of Winthrop.

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JA_MBC1.JPGMountain Broadcasting Company



November 10, 2168



Milton Furlong, Third Baseman for the Richmond Stars


[Well-produced musical intro fades out]


[SANCHEZ] Good evening, this is Mia Sanchez and you are listening to the Sanchez Sideline Report on MBC radio! News out of Richmond tonight as legendary third baseman, Milton Furlong, is calling it quits for good.


[Pre-recorded audio] It's important to know when to call it a day.


[SANCHEZ] That's Furlong at a press conference earlier in the day.


[Pre-recorded audio] I've had a good run, but I thought last year was going to be the last for me, you know. But now, winning again this year, I know it's enough. I feel it in my bones with every sprint down the first base line. I don't think I've got one more in me.


[SANCHEZ] Furlong of course talking about the one-year extension that he signed last year, enabling him to play one more year, and capturing back to back championships for the Richmond Stars in 2167 and now 2168. This is going to be seismic for the league. Despite his age, Furlong was the power hitter on the team, and without him to bring those players home, I think they're going to be leaving a lot of folks on base. But, let's hear your thoughts. Without Furlong, can Richmond hang with the competition at all, or are they getting relegated next year? Let's take our first caller. We've got Jason from Baltimore. Hi Jason, you're on the air.


[CALLER #1] Hi Mia, love your show. Furlong might be a legend, but think about the salary space this frees up.


[SANCHEZ] Henrico Tobacco isn't exactly hurting for cash. I don't think they need to save money on Furlong to bring in new talent.


[CALLER #1] No, but it's gotta-


[SANCHEZ] Ok. Let's say they manage to avoid relegation. What are your top four for next year?


[CALLER #1] Um, Albany, Boston. Uh, let's see. Um, Rossingol.


[SANCHEZ] Okay, that's three. What's your fourth?


[CALLER #1] Baltimore Blues all the way, baby!


[SANCHEZ] Providence doesn't make the list?


[CALLER #1] I'm not sold on Carlotta--


[SANCHEZ] Not sold on Carlotta! You do know what show you've called into, right?


[CALLER #1] [Indeterminate grumbles]


[SANCHEZ] Anyone who doesn't think Carlotta Sanchez has a few more championships in her is gravely mistaken.


[CALLER #1] Oh, come on. You can't--


[SANCHEZ] The caller has dropped, but we've hit our first commercial break anyway. Here are some words from our sponsors.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

January 7, 2169




Teresa Kaminski, Founder of Kaminski Aircraft


SYRACUSE -- The Cascadian government has increased their share of Kaminski Aircraft to a majority stake, and will be selling of all non-Cascadian assets, including the Syracuse facility which was, until recently, the company headquarters. Kaminski Aircraft has been primarily a Cascadian business for much of the last ten years, since the release of the K107 reconnaissance balloon. Since the release of the K107, Cascadia has restricted the output of all new Kaminski Aircraft products. The shuttering of the Syracuse Plant is the formal end to the operations which have been tapering down over the course of the decade.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

January 31, 2169




Boston Streetcars in Service


BOSTON -- Earnell Chambers latest development to improve his hometown of Boston is the city's streetcar service. The streetcars will service primarily the downtown area, although there are plans for expansion. "National Rail can get you from city to city, and now the streetcars can get you from neighborhood to neighborhood," Chambers said at a ribbon cutting ceremony, flanked by Paul, Earl of Tremont, and Alexander, Duke of Boston.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

February 12, 2169





Top Row: Incumbent President Eleanor Mueller and New Horizon Party Commune Leader Walter Lewis

Bottom Row: Presidential Nominee Brooke Mueller and Commune Leader Nominee Ray Hahn


ENDOR CUIDAD -- After over 30 years in elected office, Eleanor Mueller has announced her intention to make her current term her last. "It's time for the next generation to take the helm," she said, with her daughter by her side. Mueller was first elected as the Chancellor of Foreign Affairs in the 2140 elections, serving until she was elected President in 2152. Her term will expire in early 2171. "I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into this Party and this nation," she said. "But it is no longer my turn." 


Also announcing his intended retirement was Walter Lewis, the former Chancellor of Foreign Affairs and former Premier of the Commune. By their sides were Brooke Mueller and Ray Hahn, both scions of prominent political families. First, most clearly, is Brooke Mueller, the daughter of President Eleanor Mueller, and the current Director of Foreign Affairs. Brooke has been by her mother's side for much of the last decade, preparing for this exact handover of power. Ray Hahn is a descendant of William and Albert Hahn, prominent Nationalist party figures in the pre-Great Mexican War era. Hahn is currently in the Commune as a Senator from Rossingol.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

March 2, 2169




Lena Kovac, Head of the Special Intelligence Division


ENDOR CUIDAD -- Lena Kovac has been selected to lead the Special Intelligence Division. "Ms. Kovac has a long and storied resume, none of which I will discuss here," President Mueller said at a conference announcing her selection. "But I assure you, she's the right person for the job. Silent threats are all around us, and Ms. Kovac is the right person to help us navigate them."

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

April 18, 2169




Paul, Earl of Tremont


BOSTON -- Paul, Earl of Tremont, has passed away peacefully at his residence, the Revere House, this morning. Paul was the younger brother of Addison, the previous Duchess of Boston, and had been the Early of Tremont for over 36 years. King Phillippe IV has already named his oldest son, Diego, the new Earl of Tremont.

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JA_TheAnchorTimes1.JPGThe Anchor Times

April 30, 2169




Sophia Glass, former Viceroy Imperator under Emperor Alexander Augustus


BOSTON -- Sophia Glass, former Viceroy Imperator under the previous Augustine Emperor, Emperor Alexander Augustus, has fled the Empire and settled in Boston. As Viceroy Imperator, Glass was the chief advisor to the emperor, and has been described as a key author of the Savannah Accords. However, she was relieved of her post when Emperor Marshall Augustus was elected. It is common for the new emperor to clear house, and relieve any electors who did not support them. Those electors fleeing the empire for other nations is less common, and is being interpreted as a sign that Glass feared for her life. Glass, for her part, has not confirmed any speculation for her reasons for leaving.

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