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Selling Tech 6M/100T [looking for a long-term buyer]


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I'm starting to sell tech at 6M/100T ($6 million for 100 tech). I'm looking for long term clients who would like to work with me to have a continuous process/deal. However, if anyone would just like tech for a one-time deal, that's fine too.


Please send me a PM if you're wanting to set up a long-term deal. We can work something out.

If you're wanting to do a one-time deal, you can either send me a PM to confirm, or just send $6M with the message being "6M/100T" (something along that line so I know you're wanting tech) and I'll send the tech after the 10 day period. Please note that my foreign aid slots are sometimes full while other times they're empty. For one-time deals, just send them when they're empty. If they're ever full, you can either wait or find another seller.


EDIT [4/13/17]: Deals still happening. Read above for more information. I have three deals going on right now.


EDIT [4/23/17]: Just a checkup: I'm still doing deals. My first wave of tech deals went by smoothly.


EDIT [5/11/17]: Currently full on tech deals, some of which are long-term.


Profile link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=601598



SilentAssassin of Ascendance

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