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Somewhere, in Eritrea..

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Somewhere in Eritrea..
Adian Kidane Martelli, an Eritrean Journalist of italian descent, recently published an interview with a former European Head of State, who recently engaged in Eritrean politics and was appointed Speaker of the Senate of the State of Eritrea..

This in an extract of the Interview.

"Experience is one of the many conventional lies. It is useless, because every act of life is a new fact that must be resolved with intuition. As a matter of fact, from entire centuries, humanity repeats the same mistakes and pays them with blood..
Loneliness measures the intellectual and moral greatness of a man. I could never measure myself, for I began a journey with my people, and I dreamed of leading them where I thought they had the right to go.. to pursue this dream, i've created a regime that oppressed them, and forced them, to follow my lead.. and while i've enjoyed the support of the people at somepoint, i've denied the most basic freedoms in the name of safety and national prosperity.. to the point my nation has crumbled, in ruin.. i've governed Italy with an iron first, and led my country to annihilation.
When someone writes that we were the White Guard of Corporations, they state the most blatant of all lies. I have defended, and I say this with full consciousness, the progress of the workers more than it was allowed by the non-pleasing situation of the Italian economy.. however, i made many mistakes. I'm always ready to admit my mistakes, I've never thought to be infallible.
During the days of the Italian Republic I made my mistakes. I've relied on the support of the Greater Nordlandic Reich and the Rheinmark.. Kaiser Martens was the only one who sincerely esteemed me.. for my totalitarian methods and my will to oppose the Hanseaic League. Every man have their own star, mine was good, but I cannot associate it with others without neutralizing it. It was Martens's fate that was imposed, not mine.. i feel ashamed.
History only takes care of the winners and of the volume of their conquests, and triumph justifies everything. Strictly speaking, my power to command coincided perfectly with the will of obedience of my soldiers.. the people who showed up at the rallies, were more or less afraid of the consequences for not showing up. But many, many i say.. sincerely supported me.. to defend their own assets.
Around me I often felt a circle, but I didn't know in what point you had to break it. I have had more employees than collaborators. Was that my fault? Fault of my character? Fault of the ascendancy I exerted over the people until their personalities were paralyzed? The fact is that no one ever came to me saying: "I resign my office because I do not share your point of view". The word genius was repeated constantly to me hundred times a day even by people who held a high position in the intellectual world...
I labored more not to lose my balance, than my admirers to keep themselves on the sharp points of fanaticism. Very rarely I have esteemed the people I have met.. The human kind is still too tied to the animal stimulus. Selfishness is the sovereign law. The workers, are infinitely superior to all the false prophets who pretend to represent them.
I am a prisoner, since the day I've left Rome on the eve of the Libyan invasion..
If the Greater Nordlandic Reich survived, Me and Italy still would have lost it. There's no escape for us. In Germany we were political allies who were transitioning to a liberal democratic system.. In the rest of the world, we were a Fascist Dictatorship trying to hide its crimes..
We had not expected that fight against the international community would have affected more the helpless than the armed ones. In order to judge, however, it must be ensured that we, having the same resources, would have done differently.. 
I have no illusions about my fate.. Who fears death has never lived, and I have lived too long. Life is nothing but a stretch of conjunction between two eternities..
Until my star shone, I was enough for everyone, now that it has turned off, all of them will not be enough for me. I will go where my destiny will want me to be, for I have done what the destiny dictated me. No one who is a true Italian, whatever their political faith, should despair of the future. The resources of our peoples are immense. 
I've never returned to Italy.. and i don't think i am going to. All i hope, is that my people one day will forgive me for what i have done.. i hope sincerely, that they are at peace with themself."
Junio Valerio Borghese, retired General of the Italian Army, former Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republican Military Government of Italy, former Father of the Fatherland and President of the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana, 6/7/2009 - 17/11/2009)
Edited by Junio Borghese
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