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Imperial Events: Holy Empire of Monte Cristo


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Prior to Imperial Newshttp://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/126731-imperial-news-holy-empire-of-monte-cristo/#entry3385433



At Pendragon Imperial Palace (Military Wing)

10 Minutes after the event


Grand Marshall Chamberlain: What is the status?


We just have word that a Tsar Bomba class  explosion took place at Caderousse, sir.


Grand Marshall Chamberlain: But is it a Tsar Bomba/


No sir, our scanners states that it is not the actual Tsar Bomba made by the old USSR but an equivalent, thus we state that it is a "Tsar Bomba Class"


Grand Marshall Chamberlain: This is not good. Casualties?


We have just counted 15 Million and rising, sir.


Grand Marshall Chamberlain: Oh no... if it reaches 30 Million then this is much worse than the Black Rebellion.


*Large door opens* Royal Guard: His Imperial Majesty enters! *all eyes focused on the Emperor*


Emperor: This is dire times, Grand Marshall. I'm just watching I.N. when this happened. How many casualties thus far?


Grand Marshall Chamberlain: 15 Million and counting, your Highness.


Emperor: Assemble our armies, Grand Marshall. 


Grand Marshall Chamberlain: It will be done, milord.

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Prior to Imperial Newshttp://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/126731-imperial-news-holy-empire-of-monte-cristo/#entry3385461


At Pendragon Imperial Palace (Military Wing)


Emperor: That's a good speech you did there, Grand Marshall.


Grand Marshall: Thank you, Emperor. That means a lot coming from you.


Emperor: Now then, what is your plan for the assault?


Grand Marshall: Our sources believed that the attack came from sector 24. So our forces are to charge there head on.


Emperor: Sector 24? But thats-


Grand Marshall: Yes, sir. The Rivialle Ghetto; we believed that the insurgents hiding there are the ones responsible, they are the largest of the insurgents so that is a great evidence that they are the ones who committed the attacks. I'm pretty sure you're familiar with them, they're the "Total Jihad."


Emperor: Yes I'm quite acquainted with this "Total Jihad." I believe they're smuggling several weaponry from various countries.


Grand Marshall: Their armies are no mach from ours. We will crush them in one blow.


Emperor: Make it work, Grand Marshall. Make it work.

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War against the Total Jihad had began three days ago; thousands of Jihadists were killed during the first 24 hours.


At the wastelands of the Empire's West Territory are vast.


General Yevgeny Romanovich Orlov of the Air-Landing Forces, 106th Guards Airborne, is in command of The Tarantula Desert A.K.A. Area 43. Unlike the Empire's other Generals like General Aleksandr or General Zhukov, General Orlov's army is outdated and not much of a frightening fighting force.


General Orlov and his army are on standby at a nearby village; the Imperial Citizens there were already evacuated so that they won't get caught in the fray. "Gah!!!" the General Orlov cried. "this deserted wasteland would kill us all because of this heat. Why did the Grand Marshall assigned us to this desolated place anyways? Our troops are too outdated, we might as well resort to raid the enemy's bases and use their weaponry."

"General!" the soldier shouted as he stormed inside the command center. "Enemy forces inbound, they're coming from the North East!"

"Here we go again. Alright, sound the red alert!"

The sirens all signaled that the base is under attack. General Orlov's army are quickly mobilizing and starts attacking the enemy when they've reached their range of fire. The artillery soon fired at the enemy advance. But the attack they saw was only the first wave. Moments later another wave of them are advancing. We're running out of Artillery shells fast!


"General, we are receiving a transmission... its from General Wolfgang." the operator said.

"General Wolfgang? What did he needed from us in these times? Fine... put him through."




General Wolfgang: Greetings, General Orlov.

General Orlov: What did you want? We're kind of in the middle of a tight spot here.

General Wolfgang: That is why I contacted you... I figured you could use a little help... knowing that your... army is quite outdated.... no offense.

General Orlov: I already told High Command my army's current status, I already told them countless of times that my army is outdated. But they wouldn't listen.

General Wolfgang: I believe I could be of an assistance there... I have direct contact with our beloved Grand Marshall and I would gladly plea on you part.

General Orlov: Damn the High Command, I already told them my army is outdated without any replies from them... well thank you for that but I don't think I could stay much longer... the enemy is already at our doorsteps and my soldiers are getting killed faster than expected.

General Wolfgang: I already got them covered. I can help you with that. My forces are already deployed and are now engaging the enemy from the rear; we already taken out where those waves of them came from. The only one's left are those currently attacking your base from the front... oh and High Command informed me that both of us will be in charge of Area 43.

General Orlov: What? I wasn't informed about that. I can't understand what the High Command is thinking... then who is in charge of the area you're previously in charge of?

General Wolfgang: We'll get to that later.


*End of Transmission*

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