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Looking for a trade circle (Orange team members)


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So I'm already in 3 trades but I'll delete them to look for a real trade circle sine my alliance isn't helping me. I only want orange team members and 5 people participating in total. My resources are fur and water. Requirements:



1. No redundant resources. Since I have furs and water I don't want to trade with someone who has fish and water or or marble and fur or something. I want all different resources.


2. Be active in Cyber Nations because I'm not about to get in a trade circle and then you abandon your account so the game will automatically cancel the trade.


3. Must be part of orange team.


4. I don't really care which resources as long as they're not redundant, if you see me with a certain resources already don't try to trade me the same one.



I want the 5 people to reply before we start the trades.

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