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Alliance Formation -- Gov Needed

Lews Therin

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Hello Planet Bob. I'll keep this short. 


I've played CN for 2-2.5 years total (most of that in a gov or high gov position), though I've taken a few breaks from the game. I'm recently coming off a 4-5 month break and am getting back into the game. This time around I thought I'd give it a shot at creating and running an alliance. Why not? Might as well try to experience the game in a new way. 


If you are interested in building an alliance from scratch and being a founding Gov member of this new alliance, please shoot me a PM. Previous Gov experience would be awesome (and preferred), but I'm not making it a requirement. I'd be willing to help any newer players learn to manage Gov positions. Please be aware that this is a decent time commitment and that I would expect stable activity from all high gov members. 


This is not a DoE, so I don't have a lot of info for y'all. This is only a recruitment thread for people who are interested in helping me launch this new alliance.


Please excuse my ignorance if this is not the correct place to post this. It seemed like the best option (the other option was "General Discussion"). 


Thanks for your time.


-Lews Therin (Also known as Ceaser)


consider this thread closed

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