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Austria-Hungary News & Actions

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After a couple of days since the new king's coronation, King Charles V assembled his inner circle of the Imperial Defense Council to come up with a plan to defend the nation and to ensure its security. The IDC wrote up a detailed report with possible ways to implement it throughout the kingdom. Amoung the topics of the Defense Initiative Plan Alpha were the creation of a ground, air, and naval force for the entire nation. Also in the report was a suggestion to create a defense force for Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. The DF's would be charged with the internal instrumentation of civil law and the states' security concerns from outside forces.


Some of the suggestions cited in the report were either too epensive or outright insane. Overall his royal highness was pleased and ordered the IDC to begin building the nation's armed forces. A mandatory conscription for all men and women between 18 and 45 had been ordered by royal decree as a temporary measure to build up the necessary manpower needed to defend the nation. The Royal Treasury and Labor Department assisted private companies in building additional factories and storage facilities to accomodate the large influx of military equipment. Aircraft and naval weapon systems were being constructed at newly built state of the art facilities near Vienna and Budapest.

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Grand Prince Franz Joseph, the Foreign Minister, has dispatched official representatives of his royal highness King Charles V abroad to all countries of the world in order to facilitate the foreign relations of Austria-Hungary.


OOC- All nations can assume an ambassador from Austria-Hungary resides in their capital unless the explicitly say otherwise.

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