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Complete blue team 3BR trade circle needs your pigs and cattle


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That's right: we need disgusting unhygienic barnyard animals, and we want YOURS! We've maintained this TC for quite a while now, but one of our long-term partners has gone inactive-- we've all been there. After mourning the pork-and-beef shaped hole left in our hearts for the appropriate amount of time, we're now looking for somebody to take their place. What will we be putting your pigs and cattle to use for? Namely, for booze, burgers, and construction. That means a reduction to infrastructure cost, a raise in aircraft limit, and a +4 increase in your population's happiness, since all that alcohol and fast food helps your people to forget that they're just peons in a virtual nation simulator in a country called 'Buttsland'. Yeah yeah, I know, you were twelve when you made the nation and you didn't think you'd be sticking with the game this long. We've heard it all before.


BUT WAIT! There's more!

There actually isn't. I just really wanted to use that phrase. Anyway, anybody who's interested can hit me up right over [URL=http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=494529]here[/URL] so I can get you situated in the TC and your people can begin drowning their sorrows away in booze and greasy food!

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Why thank you.


Anyhow, the slot's been taken! Sorry to those nations with a surplus of barnyard animals who were thinking they finally had somewhere to send all these goddamn cows and pigs. Just to compensate, our top scientists in Erebus have designed the all new, revolutionary Olfactory Sensation Negation Device! This miraculous invention can be bought en masse so that you, dear leader, can stop having to hear all that whining from your people about how a nation populated primarily by cattle isn't exactly the most fragrant of places. Blueprints for the Olfactory Sensation Negation Device may be found right over [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Clothespin-2459e.jpg]here[/URL].

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