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Operation Delta


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The West African Government had been eyeing Nigeria for some time, with the coastal area along the Gulf of Guinea being prized to guard Sao Tome and Principe plus to secure more naval bases and a screen around West African areas of the Gulf of Guinea. Secretly they had moved forces along the border with Nigeria, the 1st Army of Two Armoured,  Four Mechanised and Ten Infantry Divisions. 


The 1st Army would go into action at 05:00 Hours with a sharp pre attack artillery bombardment to gain full tactical surprise, concentrating on local enemy units. At the same time, air sorties attacked rear areas and militia bases to sow confusion. Ground units thrust across the border on a broad front, pushing aside local resistance on the border. Within a few hours the militia units in these areas had been eliminated and the advance continued supported by constant air attacks by the West African Air Force.


By the end of the First Day of Fighting a significant amount of Nigeria had been secured, though resistance was stiffening as the shock of the assault began to wear off the Nigerian Militia units.



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Day Two would be characterised by sweeping advancing of West African forces against a slightly collapsed Militia defence. Combined Air and Ground strikes had forced the Militiamen defending each area back with heavy losses, though collateral damage had been kept to a minimum with buildings only being destroyed if absolutely necessary.


The West African Navy was also making a good contribution with Tomahawk Cruise Missile strikes hitting key targets in the Capital Abuja with supporting fire on targets along the coastal areas. The 1st Army had suffered so far Thirty Five Dead and Four Hundred and Twenty Seven wounded, due to ambushes and stiff resistance in some areas which had to be cleared with house to house fighting.


However as Day Two ended, the Militia had launched local counter attacks plus the West African Commander's order to be more cautious had slowed the advance to a halt. Both sides would now regroup as the lines now remained in their current places.



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The Third Day was characterised by the West African Army entering that morning into the Nigerian Capital Abuja. The City had been abandoned by the Nigerian Militia Forces, leaving the population to welcome the West African units streaming in to occupy the city. All the West African Army soldiers entering the City would behave as instructed, beginning to establish a Military Presence which would also bring the Military Headquarters for the future Nigeria Province Forces Command which would come into being after full annexation.


Elsewhere the advance continued albeit at a slower pace as the Militia began to realise that they were now running out of time. They continued to use ambushes and even now Vehicle Borne IEDs to harass the advancing West African forces. Time was running out for them though, as their numbers had dropped from around Six Hundred Thousand Fighters to about half that number.


The bulge projecting west of Abuja would be reinforced, to prevent it from being squeezed out. New units made from Nigerian Volunteers were being formed to be the Nigeria Province Forces, though this would take time.


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By Day Three the war was pretty much over. The Militia forces had promptly collapsed, with its leaders inviting a West African delegation to negotiate. By the end of the day an agreement was signed ending the fighting. West African forces would without harassment begin occupying the Western Areas of Nigeria, effectively absorbing it into the West African Republic.


In Abuja, the West African Administration would begin its duties as the new overseer of the Nigerian areas. Current laws would stay in place, with a Nigerian Interim Council being appointed preceeding Election of a Permanent One. The new era in Nigeria had now begun.

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