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Would this be considered automation?


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I want to make a greasemonkey tool to help streamline recruiting new nations. I've seen a few tools that provide a list of names when you click on the View All Nations page, which I'm basically copying, and don't expect an issue there. What I want to add to these is an auto-fill functionality when you send a message to a potential recruit, so you don't have to repeatedly copy/paste lists/messages. Basically, I want to save like 5 clicks per message on the user's end, without increasing the number of pageloads (although they would be slightly more frequent for duration of the time it takes to send 200 messages). The two ways to do this would be to autofill the message / subject line (which would be identical every time and probably could be autofilled using a modern browser anyway) and to autofill the CC box (which would be different every time). The ToS are unclear as to whether automation includes only pageloading actions or just anything that reduces time. I would assume that what I propose is okay, since it is a similar style of script, although with a slightly different functionality.


7.    By using this service you agree not to access Cyber Nations with any other programs than web browsers. Such other programs are in particular so called "Bots" as well as other tools that replace the web interface. The same applies to completely or partially automated scripts or programs that cause increased server loads. You must agree to not, under any circumstance, run automated scripts of any kind against this website. Static browser add-ons, those that do not perform any kind of automated routines, are generally ok as long as they do not increase server loads or present security issues. If you are planning on running any type of browser add-on you are advised to contact the admin directly and seek approval first.
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