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A New Age


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"Your highness." General Chen said as he bowed before the newly inaugurated Emperor. He looked around the court, much had changed since Emperor Yuan Jia had vanished and Emperor Yuan Shizi had taken the reins of power.  The Great Tent which housed his court was different.  Gone were the technocrats, except for the few trusted enough to be allowed to sit in the corner.  The Emperor was wearing loose fitting robes, rather than a well tailored military suit.  His sword rested unsheathed by his side.  His fiancee the Empress to be Madeline, sitting on his lap, and another of [i]her[/i] Amazonian body guard, a short haired japanese woman leaning on him behind him, arms  draped around his neck.  


"General Chen, what brings the head of Lab Rats to court today." Shizi asked as he smiled, noticing the man's face blushing red by the shocking lack of tradition and decorum on display by the Emperor.  


"My... leige." he said, "I have come before you to present the plans for our new sustainment prototype.  As you know logistical lines have always been a problem an..." he started before Shizi raised his hand.


"Yes yes.  I do not need tutors anymore for such things.  Now do tell me my friend.  What sort of object is this." the Emperor said smiling taking a generous gulp of his wine.  


"Yes of course.  It is my wish to build a great autonomous system, prefaced on being able to suck up the worlds resources, and convert them into weapons of war.  This object shall be based around autononomous technologies, nano-devices, and 3-d printing.  When unleashed upon a country, it will bring an army of drones to bear, and then once it sinks its teeth into the surface of that country, it will drain its material wealth for generations, and turn it into an even greater drone army.  


Such a weapon will need little with the exception of occasional repairs and replenishment of the rarest of materials, and can occupy territories abroad devastating them till there is nothing lef to fight for, relieving your highness of the high cost of occupation." he said kowtowing again before the young Emperor.


Shizi rubbed his stubbled chin, and smirked.  "Hmmmphh.... a worthy goal.  A weapon of mass destruction built for occupation." he said as he contemplated its implication.  "And what would it be called?"


Chen smiled widely and darkly, "The World Devastator."

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