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An t-Olltoghchán Gaelach

Padraig Rua

An t-Olltoghchán Gaelach  

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From Munster to Ulster, from Ulster to the Highlands of Scotland, the Irish and Scots were to vote this day for their political representatives for the next five years. Both houses of government, Dáil Éireann agus Albain and Seanad Éireann agus Albain are being elected today.


Together they are officially refereed to as the Oireachtas. Dáil Éireann agus Albain, consisting out of 280 members, and Seanad Éireann agus Albain, consisting out of 120 members, are going to be elected according to a proportional representation system every five years.




Fine Gael


Leader: Tómas Ó Caoimh

Position: Center-right politics. Christian. Encourages solidarity between Scotland and Ireland. Wishes to prevent a divide between the two state union. Wishes to prevent social erosion. Support for small and medium business.


Cumann na nGael


Leader: Pádraig Mac Con Coille

Position: Socially liberal policies. Committed to environmentalism. Membership drawn mainly from intellectuals. A pacifist party. Wishes to focus on creating social programs to uplift the people of Ireland and Scotland.


Gaeilge agus Gàidhlig


Leader: Órfhlaith Ní Dhéin

Position: Primarily concerned with linguistic and cultural matters. Wishes to revive the Irish language on a national scale. Making it the vernacular of Ireland. Desires to revive the Scots-Gaelic language throughout Scotland. Making it the vernacular of Scotland. Wishes to encourage Irish and Scottish culture in the form of funding for music, songs, literature, dancing, clothing, sport etc. Economic policy encourages protectionism, supporting Irish businesses and investing in Ireland's and Scotland's resources. Social policies wish to uplift the people by supporting families and introducing free education.


An Slí Eile


Leader: Seán Ó Gallchobhair

Position: Center-left politics. Encourages individual freedom. Improving the opportunities of the working class. Increasing grants for the less fortunate. Penalize the rich with high taxes.


The public, both foreign and domestic, may ask questions.

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The elections are officially over and the results are in. Gaeilge agus Gàidhlig have overwhelmingly achieved a majority in the Dáil, with over 175 seats. Fine Gael, Cumann na nGael and An Slí Eile have each received 35 seats.


In the Seanad, however, the opposite is true for Gaeilge agus Gàidhlig. The party received 45 seats, as did Fine Gael. An Slí Eile achieved 30 seats while Cumann na nGael received none.


Seeing that her party now has an overwhelming majority in the Dáil, Órfhlaith Ní Dhéin announced that she has no intentions of going into coalition with any other party. She was nominated by the Dáil earlier today as Ceannaire. She accepted the nomination and was duly made Ceannaire after receiving a majority vote in her favor.


Election Results for Dáil Éireann agus Albain


Fine Gael 12.50%


Cumann na nGael 12.50%


Gaeilge agus Gàidhlig 62.50%


An Slí Eile 12.50%



Election Results for Seanad Éireann agus Albain


Fine Gael 37.50%


Cumann na nGael 0.00%


Gaeilge agus Gàidhlig 37.50%


An Slí Eile 25.00%


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