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Merciless United Dominion

Davik Letvin

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Hello , I am a recruiter for The Merciless United Dominion a.k.a. MUD, i was wondering if you might be interested in joinning us , we promote power and mutual defense , we have a New Member Academy program worth 400k in aid. We are rather small for being a young alliance. There are many government jobs waiting to be taken by you. Great power in a small alliance is a great thing. If this sounds like something you want to take part in, feel free to visit us at our forums at:


register your name and follow the new member sign up instructions.

Below is our Charter. It gives you an idea of how sweet MUD can be.


In order to create a perfect dominion, we the members hereby agree to fight and die for our new constitution that goes as follows.

1. Government

1.1 The Merciless United Dominion is run by a President who’s powers are maintained by a checks and balance system. Under the President there are two Commanders who are equal in power. Under the Commanders are 6 Departments which are:

1.1.1 Department of Recruitment

1.1.2 Department of Diplomacy

1.1.3 Department of Economy

1.1.4 Department of Elections

1.1.5 Department of Electoral College

1.2.1 Military

1.3 This group of Departments is called the Senate.

Under the Department leaders, which are titled Lieutenants, there are several parts needed to make MUD function. They are as follows: Recruitment - Recruiters Diplomacy - Diplomats, Embassies Economy - Funding Nations, Trade Circles, MUD Bank Elections - Current Leaders, Challenging Nation, Voters Electoral College - Electoral Voters, Electoral Leader Military - Squad Leaders, Special Forces Leader

1.2 Vice President

The Vice President is to maintain the Laws and Charter. He is also the Tie-breaker if there is a tie about a vote.

2. Duties of Departments

2.1.1 Department of Recruitment -Gets new members to join MUD

2.1.2 Department of Diplomacy-Sets up Embassies, treaties and merges with other alliances

2.1.3 Department of Economy-responsible for improving the economic condition of member nations as well as providing aid in times of crisis.

2.1.4 Department of Elections-Responsible for Voting new bills or ideas into MUD (Closely knit with Dept. of Electoral College)

2.1.5 Department of Electoral College-Responsible for Voting new members into Leadership Roles

3. Mud Military

The military is run directly underneath the President. He has control with some exceptions. In a major alliance war the President can do anything with ½ vote from commanders. If he wants to attack first against another alliance, than it needs either 2/2 commanders, OR 5/6 Lt. The president can put ZI targets on anyone he wants unless all Lt. are against the destruction of the target. A war Policy must be written by the Lt. of Military. It must include the following: A target nation that is NOT in any alliance and is 5 days inactive or more does not need to be sanctioned. If there is any target that IS in an alliance no matter how active, it must be sanctioned. If you are attacked you will be backed up. If you attack a nation without sanctioning, or attacking after you were denied permission, Disciplinary action will be help upon you, and you will not be paid for war damages.

4. Voting on bills

4.1 When a new bill or idea is wanted to be passed by a regular member of MUD, the idea must be submitted by him into the Vice President. The VP has the power to say no right there. If he says yes, the bill goes to Lt. of Electoral College. (He cannot say no because he does not agree with the bill, But he can say no if the idea is absurd or ridiculous) The Electoral College votes on it and if it is a 50% yes, it is sent to the President. He can veto it. If he does not veto, the bill is passed. If he does veto, it is sent to the Commanders. If both Commanders agree to pass it then that is considered over-turning the veto. If one or both commanders say no, the bill is dead. If a Lt. wants to pass a bill it goes through the same process except he does not have to ask the Vice President. He must submit it directly to the Lt. of Electoral College.

4.2 Voting on Leaders

If a regular member wants to be a Lt. or Deputy, he submits his ‘Challenge’ to the Lt. of Electoral College. The Electoral College vote on if the Challenge should be submitted. If there is a 50% vote to pass the challenge then it is allowed to continue. A poll will be set up in the Electoral College and whoever has most votes at the end of a 1 week period, gets the government job. A challenge can only be submitted against the President by a 5/6 vote by the Lieutenants. And a ½ vote by the Commanders. A challenge can only be submitted against a Commander, if the Challenger is already a Lt. And a challenge can only be submitted against the President if the challenger is a Commander.

5. Rights

5.1 All members in good standing have the right to vote in all elections were able.

5.2 In order to vote in elections members must display "Merciless United Dominion" in their alliance affiliation.

5.3 All members have the right to free speech.

5.3.1 Free speech does not give you the right to abuse or harass other members of the alliance and those actions may be acted upon by the President or Commanders.

5.4 No member shall be discriminated against due to age, gender, race, religion, views, or beliefs.

6. Membership

6.1 Membership may be suspended by any Commander, Lt., or the president pending a full investigation by the senate.

6.2 Members may be suspended for ignoring orders from superiors, attacking other alliances, refusing to abide by official MUD elections, or any other conduct that is determined to be detrimental to the alliance.

6.3 No member of the Dominion may be a member of another alliance.

7. Treaties

7.1 Treaties may be proposed by the President, Lt. of Diplomacy, and Diplomats to said alliance only.

7.1.1 All members are encouraged to have positive relations with other alliances but only the Lt.’s and Senate speak for the alliance as a whole.

7.4.2 Members acting in a disrespectful manner toward other alliances may be subject to disciplinary actions.

8. MUD

8.1 Refuseing to live and die by this Constitution after swearing by it will not be allowed unless a formal resignation is submitted.

“And know this, War is not to die for our country, but to make the other guy die for his!†HAIL MUD!

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