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This day in bob as Imperial Europe celebrates a new milestone.  As we usher in a new era, Mister BlacK, will soon Be known as Emperor Black.


A new era is here. after the disorder war raids and the Nuclear strikes that almost killed a nation has only made it stronger.

After getting nuked from 3300 infrastructure to 1100 infra. I slowly rebuilt this nation and made my ciitzens happy once again. The Stronger proud Germanic people they are. Like japan, we are making advances like never seen before.


we got attacked again once we got up to 5000 infra, once again, 1500 infrastructure lost before my eyes. the nukes came back and made us almost quit but after help from the international community( not the alliance). 


so once again, we have built back up and will continue to do so.




A military parade across the nation. from Berlin to Munich and then to Krakow.










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Its the day of truth, The army has been sent for rnr, we Are currently at peace. But no concern, today was the signing of the no new freinds between the first warlord we fought against, Gen Chow.

We have def pact. Hit me get hit by him and the amigos.
Plans are ready for our nuke arsenal and a new naval fleet.

New airplanes are being bought aswell

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Emperor Black has mention the hundred days of peace.
allowing all military members are trained, also plans for the first nuclear bombs to be built.
we are selling technology and tanks and air plans.

Field Marshall Hobbs released this statement:

peaceful messures are needed at the time for a future re armourment. we will be overhauling our economy and our people.

Endorsed by:
Imperial army
Imperial news network

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In recent days:

the 100 years of peace has been broken.


today ended the mark of the nations war with:

allaince call the legion:

colt1945: surrendered to mister black

dread october: flung cruisemissles and lost over 800 infras and 210 tech

lady aberdeen: has been defeated. Imperial forces not even injured.

uther of brotherhood was destoryed: giving the most fight. losing only 100 infras to uther but gaining 50 tech.




Today also marks the 2 month mark since the bomb deemed as the Chow ICBM was droped:

kitsalnos capitol city:


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