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2020s, Age of the new Superpowers


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Superpower Nations of 2020
European Federation - All Western and Southern European Nations plus Turkey, Israel and Cyprus.
North American Republic - Canada, USA and Mexico
Slavic Federation - All former Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia  and former Yugoslav Nations
Chinese Commonwealth - China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Tibet, Vietnam and North Korea.
African Islamic Commonwealth which is all nations north of Cameroon, CAR, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea, plus Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran plus Oman, Yemen, Qatar and UAE. (Allied to Slavic Federation)
African Democratic Federation - All Nations south of and Including Cameroon, CAR, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea. (Allied to European Federation and North American Federation)
Emerging Powers
East Asia Federation - Japan, South Korea (Allied to North American Federation)
Central American Commonwealth 
South American Federation
Elsewhere the World remained the same, with economies now dictated by resources and the fact that now Nations based on either location or shared history were now in existence. The United Nations was now a vital place as each powerful entity tried to get an advantage over the other. As 2020 began with these nations being created almost after another the year before, it was to be a new era of political intrigue. 
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1st January 2020


Juba, South Sudan, African Democratic Federation


Reports were coming in of incursions by small groups of fighters supported by the other nation in Africa, the African Islamic Commonwealth. The historic dispute over the area of Abyei was still present, with both nations trying to gain an edge over the other. The African Islamic Commonwealth owned the territory, using it to funnel infiltration squads over the border which was now heavily militarised.


The Day would end with a clash between the intruding force and a local patrol, forcing the incursion back across the border. This would provoke a diplomatic uproar, further heightening the pressure of the situation.



Slavic Federation/Afghanistan Border


The War which had plagued Afghanistan since 2001 had been over for nearly two years, with a West Friendly Administration still fighting an Islamic Insurgency which had been revived by African Islamic Commonwealth funding. It was widely known that Afghanistan would fall under AIC rule eventually, however the North American Federation still held a base in the South of the Country which was to be evacuated under the NAF timetable of Early 2020 withdrawal.


However this area was a hotspot for cross border incidents. Several explosions would rock the border area, with car bombs targeting military outposts. Angry protests would be made from Moscow to the AIC Capital Cairo, which would be received with alarm from both the Chinese Commonwealth and the Western Powers. 



The final event of this day would be a Declaration of Alliance signed in London between the European Federation and the North American Republic called the Atlantic Pact, evoking the Historic Atlantic Charter signed nearly Eighty Years before (August 14, 1941).

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