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Part 1

The Castle of Triyun


“I promise you it will be alright Samantha. Sure you wont know anyone but most of them don’t like me so it’ll be a bit awkward for me too.” David inspected his white tuxedo for any markings or discolorations as the limousine came to a stop. “Then why are we here if these people don’t like you David?” said Samantha. He chuckled at the question and helped her out of the vehicle. “I have hated and loved all of them at least once – I would argue a few of them are worthy of the title friend or are at least interesting people to be around. I don’t owe them much, but I think attending this event is something I ought to do. How do I look sweetheart?”


Samantha examined her fiancé and was impressed. He was in his country’s formal uniform for the head-of-state. The United States of The Island was, of course, a nation of one island surrounded by the Irish Sea. Because the USI was a seafaring nation, the President’s uniform was reminiscent of a navy commander or captain’s formal uniform. It was snow white with gold buttons for his coat. His white visor hat resembled that more of the American military than the oversized ones of the former Soviet Union. His shoulder tassels were gold and resembled that of an old ship captain like that of the Titanic. Finally he had the small ribbons on his chest which highlighted some of his proudest moments in his military career. The uniform was spotless but more importantly highlighted his status as leader of a nation.


“You look handsome David. Your uniform is as white as the moon.” Samantha took his arm. She was in an impressive white dress to match her date for the night that was offset by her vibrant green eyes and stunning red hair. They weren’t there yet, though. “That’s an impressive… castle. Who owns it again?” There was a long stone bridge that went to a small island that was taken up by the massive stone castle. It closely resembled the College of Winterhold from Skyrim.


“Triyun owns it. He’s hosting the party so the odds are good that we won’t die tonight; but I’m sure you’ll learn more about him once we get inside… Oh look!” Up on small marble pedestals were these statue-like people standing guard armed with very large hammers. “These are the Moderators. They are not typically that relevant for what we do, which is run the world, but when something goes wrong they are usually pretty good at resolving problems or keeping things ethically correct.” As they passed one David looked up and waved, “How is it going this evening sir!” The Moderator maintained his serious, stone-cold face and continued to stare out into oblivion.


“Yes, well sometimes they take a bit to respond. Anyway let me tell you more about tonight.” David explained the particulars of what the night had in store. Most of it was of course just the ball itself which would involve a lot of walking around but he knew that knowing Triyun there would be some type of- “HELLO THERE!” The Mod’s voice boomed from fifty feet behind them and nearly knocked Samantha off her feet. “Delayed response indeed,” she whispered after David helped her regain her balance.


The closer they got to the castle the more a sense of fear overcame both of them. Water was crashing into the sharp, jagged rocks below them while a few bats soared overhead. Above the massive oak doors was Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate. “What does that mean David?” The President laughed to himself and slammed his fist against the door several times to alert whomever inside that they were there. “It means welcome to CyberNationsRolePlay.”

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Part 2

British English Bartender


Two young soldiers, one in a United Federation of The East uniform and the other in Athenian dress. The Athenian soldier identified who David was first and snapped to attention and saluted him before announcing his presence. “The President of The United States of The Island – David Anthony O’Reilly!” The ballroom briefly took notice and then quickly lost attention.


David and Samantha stepped in. They were fashionably late, something David had planned on purpose incase this was just some terrible attempt to kill a lot of important people. The castle was an odd structure, with the ballroom being the first room one walks into when they enter the structure. In the back was a massive, grand staircase which went up but then briefly stopped. It had a flat section, enough for about ten people to stand, before the stairs actually twisted around and continued to go up. This was a unique design but also provided a type of lookout.


Samantha cautiously pointed up at the grand staircase where a few people were standing on the flat part. “Who are they? They look important.” David tugged her arm so that they could begin walking. David’s eyes were at the open bar; hopefully they served alcohol. “Up there is Triyun and Centurius. I’ve told you a bit about Triyun, he is in charge of the United Federation of The East, the other is Centurius. He runs the Athenian Federation. Both two very big countries, but Athens and my country have had a very good relationship of course. I’ll introduce you after we get a drink.”


No one was at the bar except for the bartender who was facing the alcohol and cleaning a glass. “Do you have Jack and Coke?” The bartender nodded and turned around. David nearly jumped back, “Zoot! Why are you tending the bar? I don’t understand.” Zoot’s eyes were droopy and a little bloodshot. “Are you-"


“High? No David, I am not high. That would be a violation of forum rules. I am currently drunk and under the influence of some legal, smokeable substance that I don’t have the time to look up. Nice to see you here, who is this?” He looked over at Samantha who was pleased by what she assumed would turn into a compliment. “Smokeable isn’t a word and this is Samantha! I figured I may as well bring a date tonight to… ease some of the tension that is sure to arise from tonight. Why are you tending the bar?”


Zoot was in stereotypical English dress including a fine black and white tuxedo with a top hat and cane. “Do you really think I want to be around all of those idiots? Plus I have enough liquor here to give me cirrhosis. Can you give me a light?” David did so and was about to take a seat before he remembered he had Samantha with him, “Ah well I suppose we ought to make our rounds. Good to see you Zoot. Say, have you seen Sargun?” Zoot inhaled the ashy fumes from his cigarette and waved them away, “I heard the mods didn’t want to let him in. See you later.”


Samantha stayed close to David as they walked away. “He seemed nice, do you and him get along?” David sipped his drink in relief and nodded, “We have our differences but he’s half Irish… I think… We get along when we want. Oh $@&!,” he said. “Hurry, turn around and walk the other-”


“Hello David….” David sighed and turned around, “Hi Eva. Samantha this is Evangeline.”

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Part 3

The Educator


Evangeline was in a beautiful, blue sequent dress that just barely brushed the floor when she walked. Her hair was down and her eyes were definitely clearer than Zoot’s; however, her face lacked a great deal of emotion – perhaps because she was trying to read what David’s intentions were. “It’s nice to meet you Evangeline.” Eva cautiously shook Samantha’s hand but quickly wiped her’s on the side of her dress in slight disgust.


“Nice to meet you too… This is Horo the Wise Wolf, he is my.. date for tonight.” Horo was standing beside Eva but David never had really noticed until he had been greeted. “To be honest Horo,” he said as they shook hands, “I don’t think we’ve ever had a formal discussion together. I’ve seen you around but other than that…” Horo nodded in agreement, “It’s kinda funny if you think about it. We spend so much time around each other every week but never really had a reason to talk. I guess our nations never had much of a reason to negotiate or talk but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix that in the future.” Well he seems to be a pleasant fellow, David thought to himself.


David’s attention shifted back to Eva who was making small-talk with Samantha about how she thought David’s uniform was tacky. “Where are you from in Europe, Evangeline?” Somewhat offended that Eva didn’t like his outfit, David waved goodbye to Horo and started to make his way to a more empty part of the ballroom that was close to the bar. “She’s Romanian or something,” he said loud enough to piss Eva off. Samantha tugged on David’s arm while they walked over to the more quiet part of the ballroom. Zoot was still at the bar, enjoying the early side effects of alcohol poisoning and lung cancer but David’s attention quickly turned to a bigger fellow sitting alone at one of the candlelit tables.


Samantha asked why he and Eva didn’t seem to get along. David cooked up a diplomatic reply. “She and I have not gotten along for a very long time, it’s pretty complicated actually.” Samantha was a little curious, “Who started it?” David finished off his drink and shrugged, “Chicken or the egg my love. Chicken or the egg.” Their conversation abruptly ended when David was embraced by the big fellow who was sitting alone. “It’s good to see you David! Haha!”


“Tidy! It’s great to see you too!” he smelled of alcohol but so did most of David’s other friends here. He wouldn’t judge. “Who, who is this here? It’s rude of me not to introduce myself I guess, I’m TidyBowlMan. You can call me Tidy.” He took another sip of his beer and then kissed Samantha’s hand which was only a little unexpected. “Both of you take a seat, I wont take no for an answer.” Both of them did so.


“You’re probably wondering why I’m here all alone… Well it’s not for the damn food that’s for sure.” TBM picked up a breadstick from a few others which were neatly situated on a silver platter and crunched on it. He made a sour face but kept eating it and eventually took a sip of his beer when he couldn’t bare the taste anymore. “The food is awful, Christ. I mean, Triyun flew us all out here to Scotland on his own dime after he commandeered this castle and modernized it so this ball could be hosted… Oh and on top of that!- you missed this earlier, I don’t know why your &@$ was late, there were ten F-22s that flew overhead and shot fireworks instead of missiles. They had a mock dog-fight in the sky… David it was a &%$*@&% dog-fight with fireworks. You’re telling me the pilots can be trained, the million-dollar aircraft can be modified, this 400 year old rock can be fitted with electrical wiring and wifi – I mean for $#&*@’s sake, years of planning and close to a billion dollars went into this BUT WE JUST CAN’T HAVE SOME MOTHER $&*@#!@ EDIBLE FOOD? $&#@ ME!”


Though the three of them were in a corner of the ballroom, mostly everyone could hear TBM shouting including Triyun and Cent who both seemed confused. Tidy shot Triyun a glare. “Cheap @&#,” he muttered. Neither Samantha nor David really knew what to say. The party quickly resumed, mostly because everyone was use to Tidy constantly shouting odd things, but also because a small ensemble began to play to prevent TBM from killing the mood.


“Tidy here is the President of Boomtown, though he’s better known for Legion-” TBM cut David off in a drunken rant again, but at least they were amusing. “Look at those crackpots up there talking about me…. I don’t give a damn what they say. I teach children, I’ve gotten nearly immune to insults. One of my worst students in class, just last weekend, the little !@#$%^& he is... he was having a rough day. I asked the entire class, ‘Is Lee a bad boy or good boy?’ and they are all ‘OH GOD TEACHER, HE SO BAAAAAAAAD.’ And I’m like, ‘NO, Lee is a good boy,’ and I gave him a big hug. He’s all confused, he thought he had a kick in the $@& coming, not a hug. He behaves really well for the rest of class and then on the way out the door he says, ‘Teacher, you so fat.’”


David wondered if this is what the Apostles felt like when Jesus spoke to them in parables. He didn’t know exactly what to say which worked out well because Samantha busted out laughing. Tidy started laughing too, “HA! I made her laugh. Knew I could do it…” He sat back and thought for a moment, gargled on his beer and then spit some of it out beside him onto the fresh carpet. “Oh yeah I forgot to tell you David, cheap-@#% over there wanted to talk to you about something earlier. I’m not sure what it is so don’t ask me.”


“Eh… Alright,” David said. “Thanks for the head’s up I guess. Have you seen Sarah around? I wanted to introduce Samantha to her.” Tidy chunked the glass beer bottle behind him into a decently sized pile of broken glass from the other bottles he had finished. “Oh yeah, I remember him saying something about Sarah when he mentioned talking to you… Something to do with that, just go ask him!” David and his date got up and bid TBM farewell for now.


“Oh by the way Tidy,” said David when he turned back around. “I talk with you a lot and I have also talked with Zoot but like… I’m not sure if you two or friends or something… You both seem to have a lot in common; he’s at the bar killing himself with liquor.” Tidy figured he had nothing better to do and got up to go meet Zoot who was contemplating smoking another pack of cigarettes.


“Wow, just wow. That was an interesting guy. And you’re telling me he leads a country?” Samantha made sure not to step on any broken glass while they walked from the bar area back to the center of the party to go see Triyun. “He actually leads a few countries and minor roleplays but some people don’t recognize a few of them while others do. It’s pretty complicated. They let him be a teacher in China though, so I’m sure he’s qualified.”


The dance floor was thriving. SubtleKnifeWielder, Uberstein, and Margrave danced along with the others while KaiserMelech awkwardly stood at one of the edges of the dance floor. Jeff744 was keeping Melech company but what he was really doing was keeping a lookout for Kankou. Only David and one or two others had seen her before and the rumor was that she was… well… worth-seeing.

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