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Fourth Republic of Poland


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Fourth Republic of Poland




Demonym: Polish, Pole

Official Language: Polish

Recognized Language(s): German, Russian, Kashubian


Anthem: "Mazurek Dąbrowskiego" - "Poland is Not Yet Lost"

Motto: God, Honor, Fatherland

Unofficial Motto: Nothing About Us, Without Us



[b]Governmental Information[/b]


Type: Parliamentary Republic

National Assembly: Bicameral (Sejm and National Senate)


President: [url=http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa325/VictorDeltaRomeo/glen_4_zps59ea7238.png]Lech Sikorski[/url]


Grand Speaker of the National Assembly: Annette Suwulzki


Home Minister: Dominik Kowalik

Minister of the Interior: Fredrik Nowalck

Minister of the Treasury: Daniella Turun

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Wadislaw Maczek

Minister of National Defense: Tomas Karpinski

Minister of Justice: Christian Nowak

Minister of Technological Integration and Science: Gabriella Xavier




National Capital: Warsaw

Major Metropolitan Centers (by size): Krakow, Lodz, Rzeszow, Lublin, Bialystok, Kielce, Przemysl

Population: 21,349,879 Souls

Ethnic Groups: 93% Polish, 2% German, 2% Russian, 1% Ukrainian, 2% Others

Currency: Zloty (rate; 4 Zloty = $1 USD)

Predominant Religion: Catholicism, large Eastern Orthodox community

Drives on the: Right

International Calling Code: 48

Internet TLD: .pl




Type: Free Market with Limited Government Controls

Trend: Rising Growth

Staple Products: Heavy Industry (including military armaments), Premier Small Automotive and Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer, Electronics, Industrial/Mechanical Components, Software Development/Products, IT Security and Maintenance Services, Banking/Financial Services, Agribusiness, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Coal

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Domestic and Foreign Data


Notable Foreign/Domestic Programs


  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3201226]Five Points Plan[/url] - initial government policy pledge to populace, many policies devised branching from these five basic overarching terms
  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3201906]Polish Standing Contingency Task Force[/url]
  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3203959]"Razem" Initiative[/url]
  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3206895]National Youth Development Initiative[/url]
  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3207201]Orbital Mechanics[/url] - introduction of the corporation that works closely with the Polish Government and Ministry of National Defense on its atmospheric/orbital aspirations
  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3207533]Unilateral Polish Commitment to MTCR Non-Proliferation[/url]
  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3208160]Infrastructure Upgrade Schedule[/url] - ongoing commitment by Poland's government to continuously upgrade various forms of infrastructure
  • [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119557-sons-of-lech/?p=3209690]Solina International Counter-Terrorism and Special Response Facility[/url]


Domestic Security Apparatus


  • Ministry of the Interior - roles include overseeing all facets of internal security, as well as external intelligence operations
  • Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (ABW) - "Internal Security Agency" - roles including domestic intelligence, counterterrorism, anti-organized crime, counterespionage, etc.
  • Polish State Police or Policja - roles include normal constabulary duties, including criminal investigations, first responder missions, etc.
  • Straż Graniczna (SG) - "Border Guard" - roles including customs, airport security, national border patrol, security, and integrity, counterterrorism, anti-organized crime, front line counterespionage, marine border patrol duties, etc.
  • Grupa Specjalna Interwencji Policji (GSIP) - "Special Police Intervention Group" - roles include counterterrorism, domestic direct action, intelligence, and surveillance duties, hostage rescue, etc.

Foreign Intelligence Apparatus


  • Agencja Wywiadu (AW) - "Foreign Intelligence Agency" - roles including gathering foreign intelligence, conducting espionage, surveillance, counterespionage/counterintelligence, clandestine operations, "Black" operations, etc.
  • 'W' Trupa - "Wawelberg (or 'W') Company" - special formation of JW GROM, attached to the AW to perform clandestine operations, within or outside the normal military chain of command

Foreign Affairs Data - Current Treaties/Information


  • Empire of Tianxia - Friendship Treaty (includes facets on mutual non-interference, free trade, anti-proliferation, and strategic communication)
  • Japan - Friendship Treaty (includes non-aggression pact, and facets on cultural exchanges, mutual scientific research sharing)
  • Greater Sith Empire - Mutual Defense Pact (also includes facets on strategic communication, strengthened economic cooperation, and embassy establishment)
  • Ireland - Friendship Treaty (includes facets on non-aggression, cultural exchanges, mutual scientific research sharing, relief aid, no-spying and 'request for defense of national sovereignty' clauses, and measures to improve strategic cooperation)
  • Full Member of the UN General Assembly - Current Representative; Deputy Foreign Minister/Special UN Representative Hannah Powolzcski
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Armed Forces - Polish Land Forces


Organization - Order of Battle


[b]I Polish Corps[/b]


1st Armored Division or The Black Hussars (informally known as the "Knights of the Vistula")

  • 1st Armored Brigade
  • 19th Armored Brigade
  • 1st Armored Pioneer (Engineers) Regiment
  • 1st Motor Artillery Regiment
  • 101st Cavalry Battalion (Attack Helicopters)

10th Armored Division or Dire Wolves (informally known as "The Black Division")

  • 10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade
  • 12th Armored Brigade
  • 10th Armored Pioneer Regiment
  • 10th Motor Artillery Regiment
  • 110th Cavalry Battalion

2nd Infantry Division (informally known as the "Lodz Guardians")

  • 2nd Infantry Brigade
  • 22nd Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Pioneer Regiment
  • 2nd Artillery Regiment
  • 102nd Cavalry Battalion
  • 502nd Ranger Battalion (Tier 2 SOF)


[b]II Polish Corps[/b]


1st Grenadier Division (informally known as the "Lions of East")

  • 23rd Infantry Brigade
  • 29th Infantry Brigade
  • 71st Pioneer Regiment
  • 1st Foot Artillery Regiment
  • 401st Airborne Infantry Battalion

Under Construction!


[b]III Polish Corps[/b]


Under Construction!


Polish Land Forces Equipment


Infantry Weapons


Assault Rifles


[url=http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/042/5/6/patriotic_msbs_5_56_by_shorty91-d4pczxs.jpg]PAR-2014 Assault Rifle[/url] - Chambers 6.8x43mm Cartridges, multiple tactical attachments available.


[url=http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa325/VictorDeltaRomeo/msbs_radon_wip_2_by_ranisdeguery-d346vk9_zpsd53df469.jpg]PAC-34 Assault Carbine[/url] - Chambers 6.8x43mm Cartridges, multiple tactical attachments available, preferred by vehicle crews, special forces, CQB forces.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kbs_wz._1996_Beryl]Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl Assault Rifle[/url] and [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kbk_wz._1996_Mini-Beryl]Kbs wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl Carbine[/url] - Chambers 5.56x45mm Cartridges, multiple tactical attachments available, limited and training use.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_HK417]PAC417 Battle Rifle[/url] - Chambers 7.62x51mm Cartridges, multiple tactical attachments available.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mk_14_Enhanced_Battle_Rifle]PAC14 DMR[/url] - Chambers 7.62x51 Cartridges


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daewoo_K11]PAR11 Assault Weapon[/url] - Chambers 6.8x43mm Cartridges, 20x30mm Grenade Airburst, multiple tactical attachments.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKM]AKM Assault Rifle[/url] - Chambers 7.62x39mm Cartridges, mainly in storage; limited and training use.


Machine Pistols


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_MP7]PMP14 Machine Pistol[/url] - Chambers 5.7x28mm, features triple-stack fifty-round magazine, favorite of airborne, special forces, vehicle crews.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP5]MP5/40 SMG[/url] - Chambers .40 S&W, special forces & military police use, limited use by others.




[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_Five-seven]P57 Pistol[/url] - Chambers 5.7x28mm Cartridges


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WIST-94]WIST-94[/url] - Rechambered for .40 S&W Cartridges.


Machine Guns


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UKM-2000]UKM-2000 L/GPMG[/url] - Chambers 7.62x51mm Cartridges.


[url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6d/WKM-B-09.jpg/360px-WKM-B-09.jpg]WKM-B HMG[/url] - Chambers .50 BMG


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mk_48_machine_gun]PMG48 LMG[/url] - Chambers 7.62x51mm Cartridges.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vektor_Y3_AGL]PGMG3 AGL[/url] - Chambers 40x53mm Grenades, multiple grenade types exist (HE, AP, Blast-Frag, Smoke, etc.)


Sniper Rifles


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bor_rifle]Bor Sniper Rifle[/url] - Chambers 7.62x51mm Cartridges.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WKW_Wilk]Tor Anti-Material Rifle[/url] - Chambers .50 BMG Cartridges.


[url=http://mdpl.ca/pgwdti/images/stories/easygallery/resized/5/1246680532_timberwolf%20338%20folder%20with%20monolithic%2045%20moa%20day%20and%20night%20rail.jpg]PSR12 Sniper Rifle[/url] - Chambers .338 Lapua Magnum Cartridges.


Heavy Weapons


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mokopa]PATM55 ATGM[/url] - Multiple warhead types, including tandem-style HEAT warhead, anti-fortification or blast-fragmentation/high explosive, development on "triple HEAT warhead" in progress. Warhead can be adjust in field whilst in action.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkor_MGL]PMGL44 MGL[/url] - Utilizes 40x53mm Grenade Projectiles, multiple grenade types exist.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Gustav_recoilless_rifle]PRR3[/url] - 84x246mm Rifled Projectile, multiple projectile types exist.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT4]PML4ECS[/url] - 84mm Projectile, confined-space capability, guided and unguided projectiles available, multiple projectile types exist (high explosive, armored piercing, HEAT, tandem HEAT, anti-fortification)


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiron_%28missile%29]Zirnitra[/url] - Upgraded with all-weather capabilities, integrated IFF systems, two-tone infrared spectrum for negating latest generation of infrared countermeasures. Proximity fuse blast with combined effects shrapnel and secondary explosions, non-aluminum powder propellant for smokeless trail, improved rocket motor extends range out to approximately nine kilometers.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M6-640]PM60 Mortar[/url] - 60mm Mortar Projectile, "Commando"-type Mortar, requires only one soldier for basic operation, handheld/baseplate capability.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M252_mortar]PM252 Mortar[/url] - 81mm Mortar Projectile


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M120_mortar]PM120 Mortar[/url] - 120mm Mortar Projectile


Vehicles/Rotary Wing Equipment


Main Battle Tank(s)


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stridsvagn_122]Piłsudski MBT[/url] - Upgraded with Nano-Crystal Steel and lightweight composites, allows modular composite armor applications, 120mm ETC main gun, modular secondary weapons including Lightweight Multirole Surface-to-Surface Missile (LMSSM) additions. Upgraded C4I and situational awareness equipment, including modular lightweight drone launch capability.


Mechanized Vehicles


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WPB_Anders]Anders IFV[/url] - Upgraded with increased C4I capabilities and composite modular armor abilities, including modular lightweight drone launch capability. Anders FS/IFV allows for vehicle to become a LMSSM launcher, carrying a total of twenty missiles in the vehicle, alongside its thirty millimeter cannon.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KTO_Rosomak]Rosomak APC/IFV[/url] - Upgraded with increased C4I capabilities and composite modular armor abilities, multiple versions exist, including mobile gun system, air defense, and mortar vehicles.



[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K9_Thunder]Simargl SPA[/url] - Upgraded fire control and C4I capabilities, completely compatible with all similar caliber high capability ammunition.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G7_howitzer]M7 105mm Towed Light Howitzer[/url]


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Gun_System]Perun Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery[/url] - 62 Caliber 155mm Long Range Artillery, mated with the Jelcz [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAZ-543]Model 5000[/url] Heavy Truck, mainstay of the Polish Long Range Artillery forces. With smart land attack rocket-assisted projectiles, the Perun is rated to be able to strike out to approximately one hundred fifty-five kilometers.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WR-40_Langusta]WR-40 Langusta II[/url] - Upgraded WR-40 with upgraded C4I capabilities to launch smart rocket munitions, utilizes 8x8 Jelcz PR669 Model to also transport two canisters of NLOS Missiles along with its MLRS battery.


[url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ef/NLOS-LS_truck.jpg/1024px-NLOS-LS_truck.jpg]WR-50[/url] - Four NLOS Missile Canisters loaded on a 6x6 Jelcz PR662 Model Truck, features advanced C4I capabilities for surface-to-surface missile control, usually utilized in tandem with various tactical UAV systems.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9K720_Iskander]Oszczep Tactical Ballistic Missile System[/url] - Highly accurate and relatively easy to use, forms backbone of Poland's ground-launched strategic deterrent. Available with multiple warhead types for use against a variety of targets, utilizes decoys and high-G evasive maneuvers to defeat advanced air defense network systems.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agni-III]Proca Intermediate-range Ballistic Missile System[/url] - Highly accurate and able to carry multiple warheads at once, it forms the long-range punch of the Polish ground-launched strategic deterrent. Available with multiple warhead types for various targets, the missile can deploy advanced countermeasures and decoys whilst performing impressive evasive maneuvers.


Air Defense Equipment


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantsir-S1]Svetovid Air Defense System[/url] - Upgraded C4I and air defense network integration capabilities, upgraded surface-to-air infrared missiles with non-aluminumized fuel and one hundred eighty seeker head and thrust vectoring.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PZA_Loara]PZA Loara[/url] - Upgraded C4I and air defense network integration capabilities.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunguska-M1]Vampir Air Defense System[/url] - Upgraded C4I and air defense network integration capabilities, upgraded surface-to-air infrared missiles with non-aluminumized fuel and one hundred eighty seeker head and thrust vectoring.


[url=http://www.army-technology.com/projects/aster-30/images/3-sampt-battery.jpg]Czart Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile System[/url] - Spectacular C4I interface, powerful multifunction support radars and counter-countermeasure capabilities, ability to use high-resolution infrared seeker heads in terminal phase, thrust-duct maneuverability.


[url=http://en.ria.ru/images/15979/49/159794990.jpg]Psoglav Long Range SAM/ABM Missile System[/url] - Spectacular C4I interface, powerful multifunction support radars and counter-countermeasure capabilities, ability to use high-resolution infrared seeker heads in terminal phase, thrust-duct maneuverability.




[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocopter_EC725]Super Puma Tactical Transport Helicopter[/url]


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_CH-47_Chinook]Zaria Heavy Transport Helicopter[/url]


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mil_Mi-24]Mi-24P Hind II Helicopter Gunship[/url]


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AgustaWestland_AW159_Wildcat]Chernobog Light Attack/Utility Helicopter[/url]


Profile - Polish Soldier


As probably the most prized branch of the armed services, the average Polish soldier is a determined, proud individual that is well aware of Poland's past turbulent history, and have trained in an atmosphere that emphasizes that Poland's national sovereignty is based on their strength. Most Polish soldiers come from the lower or middle classes, and are typically quite physically fit before they enter the armed services, a result of initiatives instilled by the government. Several initiatives have made it easier for citizens to become involved in sports and physically-demanding extracurricular activities, and many corporations have followed this up with encouraging their workers to work out during their working hours. This, coupled with recent educational initiatives and core values lend exceptional strength, in work ethic, character, and physically, to Poland's average soldier.


The all-volunteer nature of the Polish armed services lends more strength to the organization and seeks to develop all who join the ranks as much as they can during their time there. Training typically lasts around twelve weeks, including three weeks of advanced infantry combat training, before soldiers move on to work in their assigned field of work. The inquisitive nature instilled by their education, Polish soldiers typically find themselves able to develop skills across multiple disciplines in the armed services. It is not uncommon to find most soldiers able to operate several types of systems or equipment outside of their common role. Eighty percent of Polish soldiers have been granted air assault training through voluntary request, and nearly sixty-five percent of all soldiers are certified basic parachutists, a training that is typically done over the course of a single weekend.




As an organization, the Polish Land Forces builds its organization from a hybrid approach, instilling values of initiative and personal leadership from day one of training. Several senior non-commissioned officers are veterans of other armed services and are generally older than all of the newest recruits, many approaching their early thirties or already there. This strong base of core "lifer" non-commissioned officers forms a strong working point for the rest of Poland's junior non-commissioned cadre, most of whom being selected during initial training for their exceptional leadership skills and judgment. Most junior officers are produced from reserve officer training programs, the Polish Military Sciences Academy, or from mid-level non-commissioned officers who re-enlist and have shown abilities that go beyond their typical stations.






All Polish soldiers are armed with superlative small arms, and given as much firepower as they can carry comfortable, and are quite capable with the basic assault rifle, the PAR-2014. Starting with youth programs in their younger years, many Polish children are now taught to shoot, accurately, during summer programs as a part of an initiative between youth centers and the Land Forces. Utilizing small caliber rifles, Polish Land Forces range masters train older youths how to clean, sight, and properly fire their weapons, and instill confidence in weapons, while teaching them to respect such tools. As part of the laws of the nation, many citizens own guns and are quite adept at using them, and teach their children at a fairly young age how to handle them.


Polish soldiers are taught to make their shots count, and are only initially trained to fire their weapons in semi-automatic or burst mode, and most prefer to handle their weapons in this way, placing their shots in an accurate way. All Polish servicemen are trained in several arts of maneuver warfare and tactical situations, forced to fight in adverse weather and at night at a moments notice. Deadly with both their standard weapons, they are also taught fieldcraft and to work with basic explosives, and are trained to lead basic assaults and coordinate with mechanized support. Per standard regulations, many soldiers also freely carry personal weapons, mainly pistols or combat shotguns, many of the light troops preferring to carry PMP14 machine pistols.


The GuardSkin modular battle armor provides Polish soldiers with the most adequate protection whilst also keeping them comfortable. Featuring a system of composite lightweight armored plates molded to fit portions of their bodies, they provide gunshot and shrapnel protection, as well as some flash protection against burns. High impact knee and elbow pads also provide comfort when kneeling on uneven surfaces, and protect against injury to these portions of the body. Non-melting thin-skin gloves and facemasks made of fire and heat resistant material provide protection up to seven hundred degrees Fahrenheit for certain amounts of time. Combat boots featuring comfortable lightweight composite-armor toes and steel shanks provide foot protection against several threats on the battlefield.

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