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Trouble in Trinidad


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The people of Trinidad had watched the troubles on the continent with trepidation, to say the least. For the most part, they had gone about their lives, surviving as best they could, and hoping that the conflict would pass them by. It wasn't as if they had anything other states might lust after, in any case. Beaches, crops, and hurricanes were all they had to offer any prospective owner, which was hardly worth the time. What the land did offer though, was an ideal location for the right sort of person to establish a certain level of authority.


After the shock of the action had blown over, people would wonder just how such a small contingent of armed men had asserted their authority on such a large population, not to mention where the arms had been sourced from. But as it was, one balmy June night, the city of Port of Spain essentially capitulated to what began as a force of just 100 men, but quickly swelled to nearly 2000 as young locals were swayed with the promise of good money and beautiful women. The farmers' sons could scarcely believe their luck at such an offer, it was still a better option than living and dying tilling the land. Similar actions took place in other major townships across the island. By the time morning came, the entire island was under the firm control of a man nobody had ever heard of before: A man named Jonathan Yorke.


A simple message was repeated throughout the day on a broad spectrum of radio frequencies.


"The island of Trinidad is firmly under our authority. Do not attempt to resist, and you will not be harmed. Please go about your business as normal, and transition will be smooth and painless."


Almost to a man, the Trinidadians obeyed these commands. There was nothing to be gained by resisting, and it probably would make no difference to them in any case. Little did they know that this was simply a mask in any case. The real intrigue was taking place in a cove on the southern coast of the island, where several hundred men were outfitting a handful of freighters with a very special cargo.

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