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From Sea to Shining Sea

Vidarr the Terrible

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November 1, 20XX

The first orders of the day for the Californian-American border authority were to leave their posts. They were to be reassigned elsewhere, mostly to the Pacific ports and the Mexican border. The roads that went between the two nations were to now remain permanently open.


The Californian military then proudly went around, taking down the various Californian flags, and replacing them with American flags, eventually changing their own uniforms out. It was a "changing of the guard", as it were.


Two Weeks Ago

A referendum, which was staunchly opposed by the Lower House, was sent out with a supermajority approval of the Councillors. The referendum read like this:


Accepting that: The endgoal in Californian diplomacy and political strategy is a unified humanity, working together for the advancement of our species, AND the North American continent is seeing a vast amount of peace, AND the government of California is relatively stable, AND the American and Californian governments can work together to provide a better system of welfare and energy for each other.

The House of Councillors submits to the population of California this referendum. Please vote for one of the following:

A (    ) -- Status Quo: California will remain independent
B (    ) -- Full Integration: The territory of California will fall under the Jurisdiction of the American government
C (    ) -- Autonomous Integration: The territory of California will remain an autonomous region under the Commonwealth


Around 78% of the population voted for some form of integration, while only 7% voted to remain independent. The government could only assume that the remaining 15% were imprisoned or too stoned to vote. However, an 85% turnout was enough to ratify the resolution: the Territory of California would be flying the American flag soon enough, on the first of the next month.

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Compared to most recent events this was probably the most stable transition of power so far in the Commonwealth's history.  Military forces would mainly be used to just occupy former Californian military installations and weapons stockpiles, although they would be made available for civil stability operations if needed.  Officials and agents from various government agencies would arrive and begin the integration process with the current governmental infrastructure in place as well as the process of holding elections to determine the new states' representation at the federal level.

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