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Imperial Elections


Imperial Elections  

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OOC:  You must have a nation to participate, those who do can get two votes.  For IRL Equivalents, think Celestial Party- Late Qing Dynasty, White- Winston Churchill, Self Strengtheners- Truman, Guomindang- Franco, Agrarian- Nehru, Communist- Lenin)


IC:  The Empire has announced a new set of elections.  The current ruling Celestial Party, is facing severe strain with the Imperial Branch, which is calling for a more activist foreign policy.  The Guomindang Party meanwhile is advocating a bend towards third way policies.  The liberal coalition is seeking to return itself to the role of the natural party of government, promoting the ideals of enlightenment, a social safety net, and protection of international norms.  The leftist parties meanwhile have advocated the end of the Empire, and replacement with a socialist utopian state.  However, they've stressed thy will seek to do this by elections.


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The Elections have been concluded.  


The results are:

28 seats the Agrarian Party

25 seats the White Party

22 seats the Celestial Party

16 seats the Self Strengtheners

6 seats the Communist Party

3 seats the Guomindang


The White Party, Self Strengtheners, Guomindang, and Celestial Party have all pledged not to work with the Agrarian Party, therefore the Emperor has refused it the opportunity to form a government, as it is impossible to command a chamber plurality.  The White Party, Celestial Party, and Self Strengtheners have agreed to sit down and discuss the formation of a majority coalition, lead by the White Party.  In the deal the ministries of Health, Intelligence, and Defense would go to the Self Strengtheners, the Ministry of Justice, Education, and the Deputy Prime Ministership to the Celestial Party, the Ministries of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Affairs as well as the Prime Ministership would go to the White Party.  The alignment of the government is expected to be center right.


Justice Minister Nyugen Diep, known for being among an minority social conservative catholic group in Vietnam, has announced he will be launching investigations into reports of voter intimidation by the Agrarian Party as well as outside assistance to the Party from beyond the Empire's borders.  He declared in a press conference the Empire would suffer no intrusion into home affairs by outside destabilizers.

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