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The Capitalist Are Offering High Postions to exp players!

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Hello...Do you want a high postion in a Alliance? Well right at this moment the alliance "The Capitalist" are doing that exact thing.We are offering a postion in:

Higher Government Postions



Minister Immigration:

Minister Development:

Minister Security:

Minister Economy:

operation #: 013

Lower Government + Assitants

Founder: (Need To Be an Exp Player)

Vice President:





Site Url: http://evocapitalist.proboards61.com/index.cgi

If you want a postion all you have to do is sign up for the alliance.Go to the "The New Government" and reply on the forum on what postion you want.You will also need to tell us ur CN URL.We will then check out your profile and then accept you or denie.The high Govermnet Postions much be exp. players.But other than that sign up,do tech-deal and much more.

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