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Joining an alliance is vital to success in Cyber Nations. There are hundreds to chose from, but Conervative Republic has much to offer. We are a close, personal community where you are a member, not just a number. No doubt you are receiving many of these type messages, but consider Con Rep before making your choice. We have many leadership opportunities available, and the sign-up bonus is currently $1,000,000. There are some who can pay more, but at what cost? Come check us out and fill out an app at:


Thats right, $1,000,000 bonus to new members!

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Hello sctrainer,

I am Chancellor Unit2 of The United nations, i wanted to see if you and your alliance would like to Sign a "Peace Treaty"(i think thats what it is called :unsure: ), i would love for you to come in and accecpt our alliance as a friend of yours and we could have each others backs.

Thanks Chancellor Unit2 of The United Nations.

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