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The Roman Legion


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The Roman Legion

We would like to invite YOU into our ranks at The Roman Legion. Each member once you pass a test and become an actual member will get 100k. Also, leadership positions are avaible as senators and members of war and foreign affairs council. As a member you will gain protection and a chance to join a growing alliance. We welcome nations from all team colors to join us and hope that you will contact one of the officials listed below or just drop by our forums.

The Roman Legion Forums

Cazr Hope, Caesar

Doombringer, Minister of the Interior

King Alexandre, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kaiser Wilhem II, Minister of War

Uber Atlas, Minister of the Treasury

Our Constitution

We, the leaders of the undersigned nations, to provide for our common defense and prosperity, do establish this Alliance Constitution for The Roman Legion.

Article I

All members, upon completion of the trainee test, shall be know as plebeians and will have the power to elect their fellow peers to the Senate. The Senate shall not at any time have more than twenty elected members, although it may consist of fewer. These twenty members shall appoint position holders; the Quaestor (Minister of the Treasury), Aedile (Minister of Internal Affairs), Consul (Minister of the Legions), Praetor (Minister of Foreign Affairs), and Censor (Minister of Membership), by a majority vote. These five position holders shall votes in the Senate but shall not count toward the maximum twenty Senators. These total twenty-five members of the Senate shall appoint the Caesar who holds supreme authority in the TRL.

Article II

Senators shall be elected every two months and shall be responsible for purposing and passing laws. To pass a law needs a majority vote. Position holders are the supreme say in their above said Ministries (while staying in line with passed legislation), while only Caesar can over rule them. A law may be proposed by any Senator, Position holder, or Caesar.

Article III

In the case of an expulsion from the TRL for a plebeian, a Tribune shall be appointed by a Senator to give judgment. A Senator can only be deseated by a two-third vote by the plebeians or if they resign the position, which it that case the seat remains empty till the next election. A Position holder can only be deseated by a two-third vote of the Senate or by a resignation, in which case the Senate immediately appoints a new one. The Caesar can only be deseated by a four-fifths vote of the Senate or a resignation, in which case the twenty-five member Senate will immediately elect a new Caesar.

Article IV

After joining the alliance a member will spend one week in training. After the week the member shall be issued a test which the trainee shall have to pass with an eighty percent grade. After passing they shall be know as a plebeian. All plebeians shall be organized into a designated Legion under the command of an appointed Centurion by the Senate or Consul. All members of the TRL are expected to be ready to fight for the alliance at all times.

Article V

An amendment may be added to this Constitution by a 2/3 vote of the Senate and a majority vote of the Plebeians.

We therefore pledge our nations’ strength’s and manpower in support of the TRL, and do sign for the good of the Senate and the People of Rome.

Cazr Hope


Kaiser Wilhelm II


King Alexandre




Uber Atlas


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